Subaru Brake Services Las Vegas, NV

Subaru Brake Services Las Vegas, NV

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The braking system in your Subaru must be properly maintained in order to assure proper performance, safety, and handling. After all, every driver wants the peace of mind knowing that the brakes on their vehicle aren't going to fail at a random time. In order to ensure your brakes on your Subaru are in good working condition, it's a good idea to get them inspected regularly.  Let's take a look at how your Subaru's brakes work and what parts periodically need attention.

How do my brakes work on my Subaru?

First, let's look at how Subaru brakes function. 

Most Subarus have disc brakes in the front. These function in much the same way as the brakes on a 10-speed bicycle does. For example, when you squeeze the brakes on your bike, a set of rubber pads grip both sides of the wheel rim and the resultant friction slows down the bike. 

It's similar with your Subaru except that instead of rubber pads, a hydraulic system filled with brake fluid squeezes the spinning rotors attached to each of your wheels with special brake pads. What you should know is that these pads wear out over time and need to be replaced.

How do I know when my brake pads on my Subaru are worn out?

This is when the certified Subaru technicians at Subaru of Las Vegas come into play. During state inspections, the mechanics at Subaru of Las Vegas check the thickness of the brake pads to judge if they are worn excessively. The pads should be some 2 -3 mm thick or more. By the way, if you have spoked rims on your car, you may be able to look through your wheel spokes and see yourself if the brake pads are in the 2-3 mm or more range.  In general, though, it's best to have this brake pad thickness determined by a professional mechanic.

There is another indication that it may be time to have your brake pads replaced; a squeaking sound when you step on your brakes.  Most brake pad manufacturers put little metal tabs on their brake pads that make a very distinctive squeaking sound when their pads wear thin. This will occur when you apply the brakes. If you hear that sound, it's time to drop by Subaru of Las Vegas and have them take a look.

Are there other warning signs to look for on my Subaru?

Yes, how does the brake pedal "feel?" Does it engage firmly or is the pedal mushy or goes practically to the floor before engaging? If you feel either of those symptoms, let the mechanics at Subaru of Las Vegas take a look at what's going on.
Then there is the "pulsating brake pedal". If your brake pedal pulses rapidly when you step on the brakes, then you may have one or more things going on there too. Have a mechanic take a look at this symptom also.

You can trust your Subaru's brakes to Subaru of Las Vegas

Have your brakes inspected periodically and keep your eyes and ears open for issues, like noise or pulsating, when you use them.  If you have any concerns at all, stop by the service department at Subaru of Las Vegas and have one of their expert technicians take a look.

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