The 2022 Subaru Love Promise Customer and Community Commitment Award

We've been nationally recognized for our dedication to our customers, our community, and the Subaru Love Promise.

We're honored to receive the 2022 Subaru Love Promise Customer and Community Commitment Award. This award nationally recognizes elite Subaru retailers who provide an exceptional customer experience at every interaction with Subaru. These retailers have also demonstrated an outstanding commitment to supporting passions and causes in their local communities in important areas such as the environment, community, health, education, and pets.

The 2022 Subaru Love Promise Customer and Community Commitment Award

What is the Subaru Love Promise?

The Subaru Love Promise is just that. A promise. It is a promise to do right by our community by partnering with nonprofit education, health, community, environment, and animal organizations - to set Subaru apart through our deeds and the deeds of our partners. To be unlike any other car company by doing what is right and good, just for the sake of doing it.

The Subaru Love Promise Community Commitment

We believe in being a positive force in something bigger. And it all starts right here in our community. Not just by our donations, but by our actions.

That's why we stay true to our Love Promise Community Commitment by partnering with a wide variety of community nonprofits and charities.

Every year, we join hands with our owners in the "Share the Love" event, giving back to our community-a community that's given so much to us.

So, every day, we strive to ensure our love is felt not just by our customers, but by all in our community. We do this because we feel it is the right thing to do.

We are proud to participate in the Love Promise Community Commitment. We're grateful, not only to be a part of our community, but to serve and support the causes and passions that are closest to our hearts, right here in our neighborhood.

All of the organizations we support have one thing in common: the unwavering dedication to improve the world and the lives of ­its people.

Subaru Loves Pets

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Subaru Loves the Earth

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Subaru Loves Learning

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Subaru Loves to Help

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Subaru Loves to Care

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Whether they live in our homes or in the wild, Subaru is committed to keeping all animals safe and healthy.

A partner since 2008, Subaru has donated over $28 million to the ASPCA and through Subaru Loves Pets has helped support the rescue, transport, adoption and well-being of over 230,000 animals across the country. 


Loving the environment means more than loving the great outdoors. It means working to preserve it.

Since 2018, Subaru has partnered with TerraCycle.  Participating Subaru retailers collect hard-to-recycle trash that was headed to local landfills. We collect approximately 2 tons of this hard-to-recycle trash monthly, which will be converted to furnishings and other usable items and donated locally.


It’s our goal to make the pursuit of knowledge available to as many minds as possible.

Since 2015 Subaru, in partnership with the American Association for the Advancement Science, donated over 277,600 award-winning science books.  In addition, through our partnerships with Staples and we supported teachers and students with donations of S400,000 in gift cards and school supplies. 


In a perfect world, hunger would be history and hope would be commonplace. We believe a perfect world is possible.

In 2020, Subaru and its retailers made a donation to Feeding America to provide 50 million meals to help feed people in need during the COVID-19 crisis,* making meals available at 199 local food banks across the country.
*$1 helps provide at least 10 meals secured by Feeding America on behalf of local member food banks. 


We should all have a chance to lead a healthy life. We’re aiming to give as many people that chance as we can.

Since 2016, Subaru and its retailers have partnered with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) to donate over 167,000 blankets and 21,500 arts & crafts kits and reached nearly 150,000 patients in more than 780 hospitals nationwide. 

How is Subaru of Las Vegas dedicated locally to the Love Promise?

Our Love Promise can be seen in various partnerships with local charities and non-profits. We're grateful for the opportunity, not only to be a part of our community, but to serve it as well.

The Animal Foundation, Wagging Tails Rescue, NSPCA
KNPR Recycle Day
The Salvation Army Southern Nevada
Red Rock Search & Rescue, Safe Nest, Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, American Red Cross, The American Cancer Society

Did Subaru of Las Vegas go above and beyond, provide exceptional service, or support causes that are important to you? We'd love to hear about it.

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Love Promise Stories from Subaru of Las Vegas

Subaru and Subaru of Las Vegas believe in making a positive impact on the communities in which we live and work. We uphold that belief through our Love Promise Community Commitment. Every month, we select inspiring stories from customers and partners from around our area who strive to support our collective commitment and feature them here

Subaru Miracles  –  Robert D

Throughout our life, my wife and I have always loved Subaru. My wife loves to name our cars, and when we bought our first Subaru Outback, she named her car Rue. After Rue was no longer a part of our family, we adopted our second vehicle, a 2013 Subaru Outback, and my wife called her little Rue in honor of our first Subaru. After years with little Rue, we drove to Subaru of Las Vegas to potentially look at new vehicles. Once arriving at Subaru of Las Vegas, we worked with Travis Linsday, and we were lucky enough to be at Subaru on a day that someone canceled their Subaru order on a brand new 2022 Subaru Outback XT. During the whole process of buying our third Subaru, my wife, Elizabeth, was angry to be getting a new vehicle because she didn't want to trade in little Rue. After many curse words from my wife and lots of convincing, we drove off the lot with our new 2022 Subaru Outback XT, and for weeks my wife refused to name our car. Last week, Elizabeth took our Cocker spaniel, Max, to the veterinary clinic, and while she was there, Elizabeth was experiencing dizziness and sat down to catch her breath. Finally, after Elizabeth had waited about an hour and a half to help regain her breath and no longer felt dizzy, Elizabeth felt strong enough to make the drive home. Our home is only five to six miles from the vet, and she was confident she could make it home without getting dizzy. However, Elizabeth had called me on her way home and told me the car was acting strange. She stated that the vehicle kept on shaking and swerving and that people were driving past her honking. When Elizabeth arrived home, I immediately went outside to get Elizabeth from the car, and when I opened the door, Elizabeth fell into my arms. I quickly got Elizabeth to Sunrise Hospital to find out why my wife had collapsed. While Elizabeth thought the vehicle had a malfunction, Elizabeth was actually experiencing a stroke while driving home from the vet. The safety features from the Subaru Eyesight Technology on our Subaru Outback XT helped Elizabeth stay in her lane and safely make it home. Without the Subaru Eyesight Technology, Elizabeth may have been in a car accident, and I wouldn't have my wife by my side today. Therefore, I felt it was essential to drive to Findlay Subaru of Las Vegas to share Elizabeth's story and thank Travis for convincing my wife to get a new Subaru! My wife is still in the hospital and will be staying there for another week, but as my wife regained consciousness, she took the time to name our new Subaru. We are proud to say that our 2022 Subaru Outback XT finally has a name, SUPERUE. Thank you, Findlay Subaru of Las Vegas, for taking the time to convince my wife to get a new vehicle that helped save her life.

Mayors Fund for Las Vegas LIFE Tree Initiative  –  Carolyn G

What can Las Vegas say but thank you and Subaru of Las Vegas for the most generous and largest, gift of $50,000 toward the purchase of trees for our environmental sustainability MAYOR’S FUND project! While we have been promoting all climate change endeavors for a couple of decades, we continue to expand our initiatives to include ever-new ways to reach a broader embrace. The City now has an arborist, a garden center and a real, achievable plan for protecting our community and this earth. Nothing could be achieved, however, without the support and endorsement of our private partners helping us succeed and reach higher goals. Subaru of Las Vegas stands out as a true leader and inspiration. Your support of the tree initiative will not only impact the planet positively, but also the people in the community who will benefit from your kindness. Thank you so very, very much. As Las Vegas copes with rising temperatures that have created an urban heat island considered among the country’s most intense, there is universal consensus amongst urban planners, academics, and city leaders that trees help to keep our communities cooler and healthier. In fact, tree coverage is one of the best solutions to fighting heat intensity. This is evident in neighborhoods that are predominately blanketed with pavement, have older buildings and lack tree canopy coverage. The City of Las Vegas’ history as a supporter of urban forestry began in 1912 when women of the Mesquite Club planted 2,000 trees. And beginning in 1989, the City has been consistently recognized as a Tree City USA by the Arbor Day Foundation. Today, the City of Las Vegas employs full-time arborists to care for the City’s trees and advance its commitment to build the City’s urban tree canopy by 20 percent by 2035.Trees not only provide a source of beauty, they also deliver significant environmental and health benefits, improving overall quality of life by enhancing neighborhood aesthetics with added green space, building community pride, and helping to mitigate undesirable views. Trees release water vapor through evapotranspiration from their leaves which produces a cooling effect. They also provide shade for the ground and buildings, resulting in further cooling and less energy usage. The overall cooling effect of a single, mature tree is equivalent to 10 air conditioning units running for 20 hours a day. Recognizing the impact of trees on health benefits and the well-being of our communities, The Mayor’s Fund for Las Vegas LIFE embarked on a project to fund the City’s long-term strategy to create equitable tree canopies across the City by planting more than 60,000 trees by the year 2050 - especially in those areas most impacted by heat-island-effect. The work that you and Subaru of Las Vegas are doing is changing so many lives. We appreciate yours and the support of Subaru of Las Vegas. We are all fans of Subaru of Las Vegas and the great work you do in the community. Thank you! CAROLYN G. GOODMAN, MAYOR Las Vegas City Hall 495 S. Main Street Las Vegas, NV 89101

Subaru of Las Vegas Saved Camp Anytown Las Vegas!  –  Julie M

Camp Anytown Las Vegas is the longest-running antiracism youth program in Nevada and has served over 4,000 high school students since 1983. At Anytown Las Vegas, young people learn about social justice in a nonconventional way that takes lectures and study groups out of the equation and replaces them with a hands-on approach. Our program is a social investment in creating a pool of today’s leaders that sincerely care about breaking down barriers and building up communities. Through audacious thinking, creative programming, and action-based work, we equip youth with the tools to combat racial inequalities and breakthrough structural barriers. Our youth work is based on a general belief that young people are today’s leaders and the face of multicultural relations rests in their minds and hearts. Therefore, we put youth in the driver’s seat to strategize, innovate and transform. In 2022, Anytown Las Vegas was faced with the realistic possibility of having to close its doors after 38 years of serving the community. We began to reach out to community leaders, Subaru of Las Vegas being one them. Simply put, Subaru of Las Vegas saved Anytown Las Vegas. Part of our fundraising efforts is partnering with the Nevada DMV to share the message of the "golden rule" with a one-of-a-kind license plate. The message of the license plate is one of acceptance and inclusion and an inspiration to others to live by the golden rule too. When you purchase a "Golden Rule" plate, proceeds from that purchase benefits Anytown Las Vegas. When we reached out to Jennifer Vitale, Asst. General Manager at Subaru of Las Vegas, for monetary support her response was: "let’s help you hit your goal". 24 hours following that, she had responded with "this is in now in the hands of every news station and other media partners". Subaru of Las Vegas also donated a portion of their own media to spread the word of the need to save Anytown Las Vegas, running it on radio and news publications. Burton Hughes, General Manager of Subaru of Las Vegas, also sprung into action and purchased his very own "Golden Rule" license plate. Within one week, Anytown Las Vegas not only reached its goal of 1,000 license plates (which equates to a $62,000 monetary donation), it was exceeded and Anytown Las Vegas was saved thanks to Subaru of Las Vegas. Dear Burton and Jennifer, It is kindness like yours that gives great hope to our future. You are both incredibly busy leaders, yet you both make time to help make our community be an excellent place to live, work and play. I am incredibly grateful for all that you do to support our work in youth mental health, thank you! When we contacted Jennifer to share news about Camp Anytown Las Vegas who would close its doors if 1,000 Golden Rule license plates weren’t achieved, Jennifer jumped into action and quickly mobilized Subaru’s media outreach, and Burton so kindly purchased a license plate. It’s the leadership from amazing friends like you two that makes us proud to call Las Vegas home. A huge thank you and best wishes for a wonderful 2022!

A Wish For Princess  –  Sheila M

As four tiny, timid paws padded across the showroom floor at Findlay Subaru of Las Vegas, an excited hush fell over the dealership. Princess had arrived. For six-year-old Marley, Princess was more than just a puppy. The 12-week-old miniature pincher represented hope during a difficult time. She represented joy. For a little girl who has battled many trials in her young life – from a cancer diagnosis to losing sight in her right eye - Princess was a wish years in the making. “Marley has been talking about having a puppy since she was three years old,” the girl’s grandmother, Becky, said. “She has gone through many periods – especially during the pandemic – where she wasn’t able to go out and interact with the world. She’s really wanted a little companion by her side. Today is going to be a very special day.” As Marley and her family neared the dealership, the Subaru team put the finishing touches on a welcome table filled with Marley’s favorite things – from drawing pads to princess-themed games and apparel. Awaiting her at the end of a cheering reception line were the princess items, only to be outdone by Princess herself snuggled down in a soft pink doggy bed in the back of a Subaru. Marley gasped as she entered the dealership under a hand-crafted pink balloon arch to learn that her wish was coming true. A crowd of employees, Make-A-Wish staff, news reporters and even car shoppers followed the little girl as she excitedly led the way down the reception line to the gifts awaiting her. “Are these for me?!” she asked as she examined the thoughtful princess-themed display, expressing her pleasure at each individual item. But the true wish was still waiting for her in the next room. As Marley was ushered through, she exhaled in delight at the site of Princess. “She’s been waiting for me!” Marley said to the crowd before approaching the tiny puppy.Princess, who had been trembling since arriving on site, wagged her tail as Marley came closer. As the two connected for the first time, Marley, dressed in tie-dyed overalls and sunglasses, was overcome with joy. Onlookers held back tears as the moment unfolded, and Princess snuggled into the arms of her new best friend. “I thought we were going to the doctor!” Marley exclaimed to the smiling crowd. The little girl has been making the trek from her home in Pahrump, Nevada to Las Vegas for cancer treatments every other week for the past two years. So frequently, in fact, that Marley has memorized the route. When the family took an unfamiliar turn, she perked up in the backseat, assuming that they were taking a little shopping trip. Little did she know that her wish was coming true. “For us here at Subaru of Las Vegas, love is at the center of everything that we do – it’s how we live our day,” said Jennifer Vitale, assistant general manager. “Any interactions we have we just try to show love as far and as deep as possible. We were so excited to be able to make Marley’s wish come true today, and we look forward to many more.” After allowing everyone in the dealership the chance to pet her new puppy and posing for photos, it was time for the family to show Princess her new home. “She’s really gonna miss you guys!” the little girl yelled out the window as the family’s truck pulled out of the parking lot. We have a feeling that the little pup is right where she was meant to be.

The Passport To Imagination  –  Taylor P

This year, Spread the Word Nevada was honored to partner with Subaru of Las Vegas to help bring the Gift of Reading to Cortez Elementary School during Nevada Reading Week! Typically when organizations help with Nevada Reading Week, they volunteer for an hour or two on one day to celebrate the occasion. But, knowing how desperately our schools needed help and support after two years of cumbersome and confusing distance learning, Subaru stepped up to the plate in a huge way, volunteering to read to twelve different classrooms at the school over the span of four days. Subaru of Las Vegas GM Burton Hughes even came out to read! It was the highlight of the year for the students at Cortez! Providing opportunities like Nevada Reading Week story time celebrations are life-changing to the students attending schools in underserved areas. Many of the children that STWN serves have never experienced the joy of having a book read to them at home. In fact, children living in low-income households only receive an average of 25 hours of one-on-one reading time. Conversely, children living in middle-class families enjoy an average of anywhere between 1,000-1,700 hours of one-on-one reading time. That’s why having Subaru employees come into their school and take time to sit down and read with their classroom was such a profound demonstration of love in motion. We are grateful beyond words to Subaru of Las Vegas for investing so much time into helping our community. Their support made a life-long impact on the lives of the children we serve and will continue to do so for years to come.

Celebrating Everyones Differences  –  Hannelore R

The world is full of unique things and unique individuals! Therefore, we dedicate March 21st to World Down Syndrome Day, celebrating each individual's unique differences! The Garden Foundation is extremely grateful that Findlay Subaru of Las Vegas took time out of their day to host a World Down Syndrome Day Picnic for our clients. Our clients loved spending the afternoon at the park socializing and playing various park games like corn hole, ring toss, lawn bowling, and more. The Garden Foundation is a local non-profit organization that serves those with disabilities. Our goal is to support and enhance the lives of people with disabilities by providing education, inspiration, independence, and inclusion. The Garden Foundation is honored to have a community partner like Subaru of Las Vegas that helps bring awareness to inclusion! Thank you, Subaru of Las Vegas, for your donation of outdoor games; our clients will now be able to have fun all summer long!

2022 Easter Begg Hunt  –  Hillary T

Thank you, Findlay Subaru of Las Vegas, for helping support Paw Partners Unleashed Easter Begg Hunt and Pet Carnival. We are so grateful for your love and support of our animal community. Your sponsorship brought happiness to each dog as they took turns bobbing for balls! We would also like to thank you for setting up a booth to create pet id tags; it's always such a big with the community! We look forward to growing our partnership throughout the year and helping spread love to our animal community!

Subaru Playbook Grant  –  Christina F

Opened in 1984, R. Guild Gray Elementary School, a small title one school of 400students, sits amid a small, historic community in the heart of the Las Vegas valley. The school serves a wonderfully diverse population, very reflective of the Las Vegas community. Our demographics are 56% Hispanic, 18% Black, 14% white, 6% Asian, and 1% Native American and/or Pacific Islander. Additionally, 100% of our student body is on free and reduced lunch and 31% of our students suffer from chronic absenteeism. Many of our students are homeless, have lack of reliable transportation, are food insecure, or live below the poverty line. While a landmark of the neighborhood, there have been gaps in areas of access to after-school sports activities, technology, equity in STEM, and proficiency in areas of science and mathematics. As a second-year principal at Gray, I believe the goal is to provide our students with an experience that promotes high experiences of engagement within the classroom while they are in school. These experiences could be used to transform classrooms for a unit as well as provide the Physical Education department with new sports equipment to teach fitness, health, and wellness units. With the support from Subaru of Las Vegas and their Playbook Grant, our PE department will be able to provide possibly the one and only opportunity for our students to learn and play team sports and work on their hand-eye coordination. We will be able to purchase a much-needed portable Bluetooth speaker system with a wireless headset to help conduct PE classes outside. We will also be able to buy materials for several new units that will include: kickballs, soccer balls, footballs, basketballs, foam balls, portable nets, discs, and other equipment to support fitness, health, and wellness activities.Thank you Findlay Subaru of Las Vegas for providing our school with the funds to make sure that ALL our students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade have the opportunity to learn, practice, and participate in individual and team sports during the school year! Christina Fitch Principal

Love Between Father and Daughter Knows no Distance  –  Alicia R

And so begins what I’m calling “Dad Miracles" The day after my daddy’s funeral, I totaled my car in my mom’s neighborhood, trying to come back to St. George. In the moment, it felt like more than I could handle. Every piece of my soul just wanted to be back home, in my own space, in my own way, continuing to process the loss of my father. I seriously was a hot mess! I don’t honestly remember much about the accident. In days previous, I’d mentioned to my sister how much I loved her neighbor’s car. I’d wanted a Subaru Crosstrek for years! You could say it was my dream car! While my big brother lovingly dropped everything he was doing the day of the accident to drive me home, I half-joked when I said, “maybe it’s time to buy that Subaru I’ve been wanting.” Within thirty minutes of that conversation, a friend from out of state texted me a screenshot of a Subaru Crosstrek from the Consumer Reports website. I quickly texted him to see if we’d talked about the car previously. Nope. It wasn’t a coincidence! After three conversations about that specific car within a short period, I was choosing it! I said a loud YES to buying the Subaru! This was just the beginning of the journey! If you’ve been in the market for a car lately, you know it’s a nightmare because of shortages and inflation! The good news was that I got top dollar for my wrecked car. The bad news was cars are hard to find. I looked online, went to a dealership, and called other dealerships outside my area. My dad sold cars for a living and had always been involved in the process of me purchasing new vehicles. He was the expert, and I needed his expertise! Brand new vehicles are much better value than used, but everything right now is special order and months of waiting for it to arrive. I didn’t have that luxury. I needed something ASAP. I was left feeling overwhelmed and frustrated on top of trying to manage the ongoing grief. I was in my office working one day specifically when I felt my dad near. I said out loud to him, “please go find me a car because this is more than I can handle right now.” The following day, I was talking to my brother on the phone, and he encouraged me to call the Subaru dealership in Las Vegas. I’d looked at their online inventory but hadn’t called them because of the feedback I’d received from the Utah dealerships. They could get me one, but not for 3-4 months. In a last stitch effort, I called them. I explained I knew everything was special order right now but wondered if by chance (or a miracle), they had something coming down the pipeline that hadn’t be sold yet. My head about exploded with they said yes, one 2022, top of the line with all the bells and whistles, was slated to arrive sometime in February. The crazy part was that the cost wasn’t much more than low-end model that was 4 years old I had taken out for a test drive. I couldn’t give them my credit card fast enough to make a down payment to secure the vehicle. A link was sent for me to fill out all the online forms. I submitted all the required documentation and paid the deposit. I called the dealership to confirm all had been received. The car was mine, and it would be delivered within 6 weeks!!! I hung up the phone and took a huge sigh of relief. Within a second or two, very clearly in my head, in my dad’s voice, I distinctly heard the words, “you’re welcome”. I promptly responded, “Thanks, daddy!” Another miracle happened when I found out the car wouldn’t be delivered until February 28th. I’m leaving March 1st for Florida for the same vacation I was supposed to be headed on at the time of my dad’s passing. I knew I would be more settled on vacation if the car was in my driveway waiting for me to get home. Any delays in shipping would make it so I couldn’t pick it up until I returned home. I again asked my dad to go take care of the car’s shipping to the dealership for arrival on or before February 28th. I called the dealership on Friday, and the car had been delivered early and was ready for pick up! I drove down yesterday morning and picked up my dream car! I don’t think I’ve quit smiling since I sat in the car! I guarantee he came for a spin as I drove the car home. Some might chalk this all up to be a coincidence. I wholeheartedly believe otherwise. I’ve had a few other tender interactions with my dad since his passing. I deeply miss him, but my heart is grateful to know he’s active and present in my life, more so than he’d been able to be for years! He is overjoyed to be freed from his failing body and mind. Death is not the end, just a transition—the method of communication changes. We have to develop eyes and ears to figure out how our loved ones communicate after their passing. Keep talking to them, and then slow down to be present enough to notice your surroundings and be open to listening. I know they’re listening and leap at the chance to help us out! Thanks for the MIRACLE, daddy! Love you to the moon and back!

Rising to the Challenge  –  Jen E

What an adventure! A few weeks ago, purchase advisor Gabriel Garcia and I had the privilege to represent Subaru of Las Vegas on the Make-A-Wish Southern Nevada Trailblazers Challenge. The Trailblazers Challenge was a 25-mile hike through the Valley of Fire, all completed in one day! We have had a partnership with the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Southern Nevada for many years, and I have the incredible opportunity to witness wishes being granted right in front of my eyes. Watching those children, who have been through so much, have their wishes granted is indescribable. So when we had the opportunity to join the Trailblazers Challenge, to help more kids have their wishes granted, I was all in! However, I knew I didn’t want to complete this challenge alone; Gabriel agreed to join me. We spent weeks training (not enough weeks) to prepare for the challenge. We both knew it would be a mental and physical battle when the day came, but we both committed to finishing! Before the hike began, it was time to raise as much as possible. The outpouring of support from our team here at Subaru of Las Vegas was incredible. We were able to raise over $1200 just from coworkers! Together, we were able to raise $2300. The event in total raised $214,763 on a goal of $200,000.Once our fundraising was complete, it was time to rise to the challenge! Upon checking in for the hike, we received a card with the picture and description of a child whose wish was already granted by Make-A-Wish of Southern Nevada. We were given these pictures as a reminder to keep pushing throughout the hike. Reading the stories and seeing the kids acted as the final jump start to our motivation before the hike began. That 3 am alarm became exciting because we knew that our efforts meant that another child would be able to have the experience that these two children we were carrying with us did. The day began in the dark at 4:45 am. With our headlamps on, we started walking through a gorge; a group of 40 individuals set out not knowing exactly what the day would bring, but all driven by the overwhelming emotion of hope and excitement. Our first stretch of the hike was 18 miles, and it seemed to fly by. We saw the sunrise over beautiful red rocks, and over time, it became just our two-person team hiking and enjoying mother nature. After a quick stop at the checkpoint, we started on the last legs of our adventure. We met a rocky hill, and then another, and another. The easy 18 miles were over, and the mental battle had begun.We spent a lot of this time reminding each other what we were walking for and how much of a battle the wish kids had to go through day after day, obstacle after obstacle thrown their way, yet they continued to battle. Finally, when we crested the final hill and had a view of the finish line, there were several signs of encouragement and a basket from which to pull a star. Each star had a wish kid written on it and a wish that was approved but not yet funded. The wishes on these stars are what our efforts would help fund. Gabriel and I were speechless and overcome with emotion. The journey was physically and mentally exhausted but so worth it. This was easily one of the most rewarding challenges of my life (I know Gabriel would agree!), and I am so grateful we had the opportunity to represent Subaru of Las Vegas in the 2022 Make-A-Wish Southern Nevada Trailblazers Challenge.

Giving Back to the Community One Plant at a Time  –  Hamid H

On Saturday, March 5th, the Subaru of Las Vegas team spent the morning with Get Outdoors Nevada to help create a Native Habitat for pollinators and birds. Together, we planted 400 Mojave Desert Pollinator Plants, including Firecracker Penstemon, Apricot Glovemallow, and Desert Marigold. These plants will help provide food and shelter for birds, bees, and hummingbirds! Our pollinators play an essential role in our community, and it is our job to help protect them!

Two Paws Up!  –  Hillary T

Thank you, Subaru of Las Vegas, for partnering with Paw Partners Unleashed for our first Pet Health Fair & Blood Drive event. Without the Subaru of Las Vegas support, our event would not have been successful! In addition, we are beyond grateful that you sponsored our free microchip clinic and made free pet id tags for families. Together we were able to accomplish many amazing things: Vitalent was able to collect twenty-two units of blood. Hearts Alive Village Animal Clinic administered forty-seven microchips. We had three dog adoptions on-site and two kitten adoptions. Sixteen dogs signed up to become Animal Blood Donors. We look forward to continuing our partnership to help save more animals every day. We love you, Subaru!

The House That Built Love  –  Alyson M

We were thrilled to have your wonderful team from Subaru Las Vegas in the House cooking a special dinner for our families on Valentine’s Day. The menu included a delicious parmesan breaded chicken dish with mushrooms and spinach, steamed rice, a beautiful Caesar salad and to top it all off, homemade chocolate-dipped strawberries. As the families made their way in to enjoy the meal, one young couple who is expecting the birth of their first child in two weeks, asked if they could join me. As the CEO of the Ronald McDonald House, I enjoy having dinner with our families from time to time. Mom-to-be, Shamber, and Dad-to-be, Elgin, shared how nervous they are to know their newborn daughter, to be named “Adaline Jubilee” will be whisked away for open heart surgery right after she is born. All we could do was listen and be a shoulder for them to lean on. During dinner, Shamber mentioned how wonderful the meal was and that despite what they are going through, it was nice to mark the Valentine’s Day holiday with people who cared so much and who were going out of their way to share their love with total strangers. Shamber was talking about our wonderful dinner volunteers from Subaru. But what this incredible couple, who were clearly in love with each other, told us next brought huge smiles to all of our faces. In honor of their brave baby girl and to bring her as much luck as possible, Shamber and Elgin, who happened to be staying in Room 2 at our House, decided they would get married here in Las Vegas the following week on 2-22-22 at exactly 2:22 p.m. After hugs and congratulations, I headed home to my own family – with a big smile on my face and an extremely grateful heart. In spite of what our families are going through, so many are still able to find the silver lining in their lives. The grace and strength they exhibit are truly inspiring. And because of the love and care shown by total strangers – in this case – your big-hearted team from Subaru, this couple will have the strength and support they need to make it through yet another long day ahead! Thank you, Subaru Las Vegas for giving back to families in need! Gratefully, Alyson McCarthy P.S.

Subaru's 14 Days of Love  –  Marina G

Thank you, Subaru of Las Vegas, for partnering with Helping Hands of Vegas Valley, to sponsor minor home repairs needed to help senior citizens continue living in their homes stress-free and improve their quality of life. Because of the support of Subaru of Las Vegas, during our 14 Days of Love program with we were able to help 14 clients with various home repair needs. Some of the highlights from the program include: Replacing a stove for an 86-year-old senior who was not able to use their oven for years.“ I am so excited and grateful to have a good working stove and oven. At my age, it’s hard to stand for long periods of time to cook." Replacing a refrigerator for an 81-year-old senior, the existing refrigerator was old and coming apart from the bottom. “I am so thankful for your help” And helping a senior who was using her stove to warm up the house. “ I am so grateful. I couldn’t believe Subaru of Las Vegas showed up with Helping Hands of Vegas Valley to assist me with the repairs at no cost.” Helping Hands of Vegas Valley provides minor home repair services to senior citizens 60 and older. Clients call our program requesting home repairs such as leaky faucets, clogged toilets, and appliances that are no longer working. Once a client has met the program criteria, we schedule an appointment for the repair specialist to go to the senior’s home to finish the paperwork and complete a safety assessment. Clients are advised of the name of the person coming to their home, to ensure they are not opening their doors to strangers. When a repair specialist arrives at their home, they have a name badge and business card so the clients can verify their identity. Once the repair is complete, we follow up with the clients to ensure that the repair was done to their satisfaction. Thank you, Subaru of Las Vegas, for partnering with Helping Hands of Vegas Valley for our 14 Days of LOVE program. Because of our partnership we were able to impact the lives of 14 senior citizens and help them to use their limited income towards other necessities.

Building Homes and Rebuilding Lives  –  Victoria W

Homes For Our Troops would like to thank Findlay Subaru of Las Vegas for choosing us during their November 2021 fundraising efforts. Their generous support not only contributed financially to our mission but also raised awareness about what we do in the community. We are a national nonprofit organization that builds and donates specially adapted custom homes nationwide to severely injured post-9/11 Veterans, to enable them to rebuild their lives. To date, we have built and donated 325+ homes in 42 states, and we are building 3 in the Las Vegas area! It is because of the generosity of supporters like Findlay Subaru of Las Vegas that we are able to advance our mission! So, from the bottom of our hearts at Home For Our Troops: Thank you! Together we will continue Building Homes and Rebuilding Lives.

A Path 4 Paws Blanket Drive  –  Laura W

Dear Subaru of Las Vegas, A Path 4 Paws Dog Rescue is so thankful for the generous donation of blankets, towels, and sheets from the blanket drive you hosted in December! Your customers are truly the best when it comes to giving back to our community! Our homeless dogs will be nice and cozy with a new warm blanket while awaiting their new forever home! A Path 4 Paws volunteers are dedicated to helping find homes for over 1000 dogs each year, that have found themselves abandoned and neglected. We provide them with the necessary medical care and love before sending them on to their new start in life. Thank you again for your support and dedication to the animal welfare community. Sincerely, Laura Ward

Ham for the Holidays!  –  Tori L

Dear Subaru of Las Vegas, The Just One Project cannot thank Subaru enough for surprising our clients with the holiday ham donation and assisting with our drive-thru Community Market in December. During the time your group was here, you helped serve 137 households! Of those households, your team helped serve more than 500 individuals of which: 168 are seniors aged 60+, 248 are adults aged 18-59, 135 are children under the age of 18. We cannot thank your team enough for helping us connect these individuals to much-needed groceries, let alone holiday food!! Your donation of two-hundred hams made a big difference in many lives this holiday!

Wishes Come True for Families in Need  –  Leah G

The look in a child's eyes when they see nicely wrapped presents under the tree is a magical experience. Yet some children go without. No child should miss the joys of the holiday season. With the generous help of Subaru of Las Vegas, four families were able to give their children a magical Christmas. Thank you for taking the time to shop and wrap presents for each child; because of your generous heart, each child got gifts they wished for this holiday season. East Family Services is grateful for the partnership we have created in 2021 and look forward to helping more families together in 2022! Thank you, Subaru of Las Vegas.

Feel Good Friday with NPHY  –  Jordan B

For the last twenty years, the Nevada Partnership For Homeless Youth has provided young people experiencing homelessness with help, hope, and support. Thanks to community partners like Subaru of Las Vegas, our programs can continue to impact the community, and together we can help bring more awareness to youth homelessness. We want to extend our deepest gratitude to you and your team for taking the time to volunteer at our Feel Good Friday event at the Seigel Suites off of MLK Boulevard. Families living in the Seigel Suites are classified as homeless because they pay-by-day to have a roof over their family's head. At any given time, a family may not afford their rent and look for a new place to go. Our Feel Good Friday events help bring awareness to our services while providing food and hygiene products for families in need. Thank you for passing out socks, chapstick, and sunglasses. The kids enjoyed hanging out with you, and we look forward to partnering with Subaru of Las Vegas in the future.

Christmas Magic at Sunrise Children's Hospital  –  Marissa M

During the holidays, there is no greater gift than spending time with family and friends nestled around the Christmas tree. Christmas is about sharing and spending time with family and creating happy memories with those you love. But, unfortunately, some families don't always get to spend Christmas under the twinkling lights of a Christmas tree. Instead, some families spend the holidays with their children surrounded by stethoscopes, life support machines, wheelchairs, and the fluorescent lights in the hospital halls. Sunrise Children's Hospital is Nevada's largest and most comprehensive children's hospital. Our dedicated team of pediatric physicians, nurses, and specialists is committed to providing world-class care to the pediatric population we serve. Still, we cannot do it without community support. We want to thank Findlay Subaru of Las Vegas for helping spread the Christmas magic to the children and families spending the holidays in the hospital with our doctors and nurses. Your Santa Paws event with Michael's Angel Paws brought joy to every child you were able to see. The time you dedicated to going door to door to visit with children and providing gifts will be a forever lasting memory for both the child, their parents, and Sunrise Children's Hospital. We were also thrilled to welcome back Dreamer, the therapy dog, and Michael's Angel Paws to Sunrise Children's Hospital to help bring back smiles to each child's face! Your kindness and generosity are forever appreciated! Thank you for partnering with Sunrise Children's Hospital to help spread the Christmas magic. We are grateful to have a community partner like Findlay Subaru of Las Vegas and look forward to a bright future in 2022. Sincerely, Marissa Mussi

Stockings For Troops  –  Melissa C

Thank You, Subaru of Las Vegas for your volunteering efforts during ‘Stocking 4 Our Troops’ Wednesday, December 1, 2021, as Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc. NV4 fundraised, organized, filled stockings, and shipped care packages to US Military personnel, Active Duty, Reserves and Nevada National Guard deployed worldwide for Christmas. Blue Star Mothers of Henderson & Boulder City NV4 are Proud Military Moms because our sons and daughters have made the choice to Defend Our Freedom by serving their country. As mothers, we were there to protect our children, but today they’re the ones protecting us in the Global War On Terrorism. As the holidays draw near, we reminisce about the traditions we hold dear. We want our US Military to know that Southern Nevada cares. Our mission is to send “A Piece of Home” as referred to in the song by Army Veteran Tim Maggart. Through the generosity of our community, businesses, churches, organizations, clubs, hotels, and casinos we’re blessed to collect enough supplies to fill 1,200 handmade stockings with hygiene items, snacks, entertainment, cards and receive the monetary donations that ship Christmas cheer to our brave heroes. We rely on volunteers like Subaru of Las Vegas, the Southern Nevada community, family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers to help to Send Love Overseas. Despite COVID-19 continuing in 2021, our annual mission remained successful in part due to the Subaru Love Promise Community Commitment that helped support ‘Easter Treats 4 Troops’ ‘Packages 4 Our Patriots’, and ‘Stockings 4 Our Troops’. THANK YOU!! Melissa Clipper Chapter President

Giving the Gift of Life  –  Sara D

The American Red Cross is so grateful to our partner, Findlay Subaru of Las Vegas. Thank you for continuing to stand with us through the evolution of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). Hundreds of thousands of donors have responded to the call to support the lifesaving mission, and we can’t thank you enough for your support! Your commitment to host a blood drive with the American Red Cross truly made a difference! Your team registered 30 total donors, collected 31 pints of blood, and recruited one first-time donor. Your efforts have helped boost the community blood supply and ensure hospital patients have the lifesaving blood they need.

The Power of a Wish  –  Quinn W

I am so grateful to the Subaru of Las Vegas team, and the spirit and enthusiasm that they bring to our wishes and wish kids and their families! This is my second time getting to witness the excitement they bring to a wish, and it is unmatched. When the Subaru team stepped up to help us grant JC’s car makeover wish, they not only made sure we could make all of his requests for his upgraded car, but they also decided to give him some surprises that made a huge difference to him. Because of their generosity, we were able to add paint, new tires, new seats, remodeled interior and so much more to JC’s 1981 Chevy Camino. By the time they were done, he practically had a brand new car! On the day of the wish, seeing the entire Subaru of Las Vegas team line up to make a tunnel for JC, truly celebrating him and the journey he took to get to this day, was an emotional sight for everyone there. When the team rallied around him and his new car was revealed, you could see from the expression on his face (even with a mask!) that he was truly touched. He was so surprised and he and his family all reported that what was done for his Camino far exceeded their expectations. JC has been through so much in his life, and it felt like getting this new ride was like getting a fresh start for him. As a child battling a critical illness, there is a lot of uncertainty in JC’s life, but the wonderful generosity of Subaru of Las Vegas allowed him to put his stress and worry aside and enjoy the moment. Now, he can look forward to a bright new future with a car that will certainly be the envy of all of his friends! Sincerely, Quinn Waethers Mission Delivery Manager

Salute Our Troops-November  –  Emily D

When John was just a young man, he volunteered at the age of seventeen for the United States Navy. John served on many boats and made lifelong friendships. John is a third-generation veteran who continues to have the heart to help his fellow veterans in his community. Martha Blazek wrote this nomination about John. "I met John Hunt in May 2020 when he moved into Veterans Village. I knew he was from New York because of his license plates, and I remember seeing John the first month lost. I sat down with John in the courtyard and explained how everything worked at Veterans Village. He asked me if he could help with the older veterans and those who don't know how to drive. From that point on, John Hunt went overboard with rides to doctors, grocery stores, banks, and libraries, anywhere the veterans needed to go; John was there to offer a ride! John also took the guys on trips and overnight stays with his own money. In January 2021, I dropped some soup off at his apartment and noticed a frame with a 3 DD 214 and a young man standing next to it. Johnny explained that he was in the Navy, his dad was in the Navy, and his grandfather was in the Navy. John continues to go above and beyond when caring for veterans. John is an honorable man, and I am lucky to have him in my life." Findlay Subaru of Las Vegas is proud to honor and recognize John as our November recipient for Salute Our Troops award!

Pop Up & Give  –  Dalisa C

Dear Subaru of Las Vegas, Our Pop Up & Give program distributes fresh groceries to the most food insecure communities in Southern Nevada. Through the 2021-2022 school year, The Just One Project has partnered with schools within the North Las Vegas area to bring fresh groceries to the parents and the surrounding community in some of the most impoverished areas. Many of these schools we partner with are considered to be in 'food deserts'; these areas do not have access to a grocery store that supplies fresh fruits, vegetables, and healthy options within a few miles. Most often, they only have corner stores where it is easy to obtain unhealthy food items. Our goal is to provide equitable access to fresh groceries to these individuals and ensure that they can lead a healthful and bountiful life. Thanks to your volunteerism, we continue to make a difference in hundreds of lives in the community. By volunteering at the JD Middle School Pop Up & Give Distribution, we assisted 239 households and 1,214 individuals. The Just One Project appreciates the support, and we look forward to working more with the Subaru of Las Vegas family!

Giving the Gift of Warmth and Comfort  –  Lanette R

Dear Subaru of Las Vegas Team, Thank you so much for your donation of blankets and socks to Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth (NPHY) during this holiday season. It will make a huge impact! As you may know, youth homelessness is a huge issue here in our community. We had over 13,000 young people experiencing homelessness enrolled in Clark County Schools during the 2019-2020 school year. One of the biggest problems we are currently facing is that we do not have enough beds to house every young person. On any given night we can house less than 30% of the young people who are on the streets. Your donation of blankets will bring comfort to young people on these cold winter nights. Thank you again for your support. We look forward to continuing to build this partnership with you all through year-round engagement and volunteer opportunities! Sincerely, Lanette Rivera Director of Engagement and Communications

We Will Always Remember  –  Amanda K

This letter is to thank you and your team members at Subaru of Las Vegas for their amazing support of our residents living at the Southern Nevada State Veterans Home in Boulder City, Nevada. You and your team made our annual Veterans Day Olympics event remarkable and beyond special! When the pandemic started in March 2020, nursing homes were the first to close their doors to visitors, volunteers, and anyone other than essential staff. This began a year-and-a-half-long period of social isolation that led to an underappreciated mental health crisis for the residents of those homes due to lack of companionship. The residents at the Southern Nevada State Veterans Home directly felt the impact of Covid-19 largely through the loneliness of closing our doors to the public. It is not just families that bring companionship to the residents here, there is a large number that does not have family members outside the home, so they feel loved by community engagement. As we moved into the Fall of 2021, things began to look brighter for our residents and a large part of that can be attributed to your amazing leaders and volunteers at Subaru of Las Vegas. With so many events and outings canceled over the past year due to Covid-19, this year’s annual Veterans Day Olympics, which began on November 8, was a much-needed morale boost for our residents. Your volunteers went above and beyond! The coffee and donuts they brought to the residents and staff were a tremendous hit, as caffeine and sugar are always a delight. But little did we realize that was just their opening act. Their genuine sense of caring and compassion came through by their actions making the fishing event a heartwarming success. When the staff and veterans arrived at the Veterans Memorial Park fishing pond in Boulder City on Monday morning, those volunteers were already there, waiting, and immediately began helping and interacting with the veterans. Over the next four hours, they provided much needed companionship by talking and listening to our veterans while assisting them with fishing. This one day has meant a lot to our residents and has created a positive and lasting morale boost that is greatly appreciated by everyone at the Southern Nevada State Veterans Home. The partnership between the Veterans Home and Subaru of Las Vegas has been a match made in Heaven. The staff and residents are touched by the thoughtfulness of your community engagement efforts, and we look forward to all the new and exciting ways we can continue to support each other in future endeavors.

Light The Night  –  Kristi B

Sometimes you must travel through darkness to find the light. Findlay Subaru of Las Vegas joined hands with the community to Light The Night for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society at the CSN West Charelston Campas on November 6th. As strangers stood by one another, we were all connected by our passion and hope to end cancer by raising money for research and finding the cure for all cancers. Survivors, supporters, and those honoring a loved one that has passed from cancer held onto our lanterns and shined enough light to reach our loved ones in heaven. Findlay Subaru of Las Vegas staff members walked to support those fighting the disease and honor those we have lost in our lives. The money raised through Light The Night allows the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to fund treatments for patients suffering from all forms of blood cancer. Together we can be the light that cures cancer!

Halloween Hounds  –  Sam M

Danger doesn't lurk at every corner; instead, Halloween was filled with love and wagging tails at Findlay Subaru of Las Vegas! As Subaru Loves Pets Month came to an end, our hearts still beat for our four-legged friends! Findlay Subaru of Las Vegas was excited to host our 2nd Annual Halloween Hounds Pet Adoption and Trunk or Treat sponsored by Sam & Ash Injury Law and Raising Canes. Findlay Subaru of Las Vegas invited the community to enjoy a day of trunk or treating and open their hearts to animals in need! Our goal was to bring awareness to different animal shelters in Las Vegas and help as many local underdogs find their forever homes. We were joined by the Las Vegas Valley Humane Society, St. Martin's Animal Foundation, A Path 4 Paws, Hearts Alive Village, and Nevada SPCA. Each shelter brought several adoptable underdogs looking for their second lease on life. As families were looking to grow by four paws, Findlay Subaru of Las Vegas was able to help thirteen dogs find their forever homes! The amazing thing about Halloween Hounds is that not only do our four-legged friends leave with forever homes, but thanks to our community partners, each participating shelter was able to leave with a Halloween surprise! Sam & Ash Injury Law donated a total of $5,000 to Halloween Hounds and gifted each animal shelter with a $1,000 donation to help continue the mission of rescuing shelter animals! But, the love from our community does not stop there. This year, we welcomed Raising Canes to Halloween Hounds, and they surprised each animal shelter with an additional $500 donation! As the sun went down on Halloween Hounds, each animal shelter left the event with a total of $1,500 in donations thanks to Sam & Ash Injury Law and Raising Canes. In addition, Findlay Subaru of Las Vegas hosted a booth decorating competition for another donation prize. This year, Nevada SPCA won our decorating competition and earned another $1,000 donation! Findlay Subaru of Las Vegas is lucky to have community partners that care deeply about our local underdogs. When we can bring the community together, we create a positive force that allows us to deepen our love and make a lasting impact in the community. Thank you to Sam & Ash Injury Law and Raising Canes for sponsoring the event, and a big thank you to the community for opening your hearts and adopting a four-legged friend!

A Letter to My Best friend  –  Stacey R

To my love Harley, Thank you for making me smile, laugh, and most importantly giving me my life back! Before you became a part of my life, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen to me after I suffered an injury at work. The injury left me with non-epileptic and epileptic seizures, that couldn’t be controlled by medication. Would I have to retire early due to my medical condition, find a new job, or move? I took a leap of faith just over a year and a half ago and applied for an assistance dog, through Michael’s Angel Paws. I didn’t know at that time that I would have to wait for almost a year to find you. I was okay in the beginning but as the wait progressed my medical condition took a turn for the worst. In June of 2021, I reached out to Michael’s Angel Paws to see where I was on the waitlist. I was told it could be another 6-9 months, I felt so empty and lost. I cried but looked forward to the many adventures I had plan during my summer break. The joy of working for the Clark County School district is that I’ve enjoyed a summer break for the last twenty years. Just a few months later, I think I was on a trip I got the call. Hi Stacey, “you’re not going to believe it but we found an assistance dog for you!” Ooh, Harley, I cried tears of joy, relief, and excitement of meeting you. I asked tons of questions about you, your history, your former trainer, your story, and so much more. What pulled at my heart was your eyes, those eyes that spoke depth, love, and a connection to you that I can’t explain. I was on pins and needles as the team of Michael’s Angel Paws made the travel agreements to get you from Colorado Springs to Las Vegas. You were greeted in Colorado with Janet who took the reins from your old trainer and dear friend. You left your life in Colorado jumped on a plane to Vegas to begin your second lease on life. I’m grateful for Lacy for finding you in a shelter, bringing you home, nurturing you, giving you confidence, and finding you had the right stuff to be an assistance dog. I’m not your first team, I’m sorry you lost your first team. I will be your last team and your forever home, forever. Upon your arrival to Vegas, you stayed with Michael’s Angel Paws owner and her family. You met kids, other dogs, birds, and so many first. I waited in anticipation to finally meet you and for you to meet my family. The day came that I finally got to meet you for the first time. I was a cliché of sort “love at first sight” but I knew you understood me and I understood you. You met my family and my family pets, and came into my home like you’ve been there for years. You’ve adjusted to life in the desert, we enjoy our daily walks around the neighborhood. Just after two weeks, we began weekly training sessions to work on all aspects of being an assistance dog from basic to advanced obedience skills, public access skills, and alerting to my oncoming seizures. You picked up it all so fast and with ease, I was the one who needed the time. You are so patient with me, thank you. You did scare me a while back it was just a few weeks after your arrival that you needed to see a veterinarian. I was scared for you, losing you, and how would I cover it. It was at that time I was the recipient of the Subaru Las Vegas Assistance Dog Scholarship. I wasn’t sure what it meant and it took me a while to grasp the concept that all of your expenses were covered. Subaru graciously covered your medical procedure, training expenses, and travel expenses. Thank you, Subaru of Las Vegas, for your generosity, you helped me regain my life back. Harley, you are more than my best friend you are my lifeline. Forever yours, Stacey Ruiz

Honoring Our First Responders- October 2021  –  Emily D

Heroes are ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary. Las Vegas is home to many people who go above and beyond to ensure our home remains safe and the community stays healthy. These exceptional people are our Hometown Heroes. Each month Findlay Subaru of Las Vegas reaches out to the community and asks them to submit a first responder that has made a difference in the community. For the month of October, we received a nomination for a man that we knew we had to honor. Tameron Singletary is a licensed Practical Nurse at Nellis Air Force Base. After serving in the United States Army, he was committed to serving his community and fellow military members. Tameron is one of the friendliest, most committed LPNs you will meet. He always stays upbeat regardless of the circumstances, including through the COVID crisis. He worked at the Mike O'Callaghan Military Medical Center through 2020 with an excellent team and recently transferred to a clinic across the base for active military members and is still loving his role through the good and bad. His patients love him and his shining personality. Las Vegas is lucky to have an LPN that deeply cares for his community. Tameron received a Subaru of Las Vegas road trip to the Casablanca Resort and Casino, lunch from Raising Canes, a gift certificate to Distill Local Bar, a day at the ranch from Horses 4 Heroes, a date night for two at Board and Brush. Our community looks to our first responders to keep us safe. Findlay Subaru of Las Vegas is proud to bring community partners together to honor and recognize our heroes across the valley.

Salute Our Troops-Marian Mosser  –  Emily D

Findlay Subaru of Las Vegas and Sinclair Broadcast Group is proud to recognize our local Veterans who go above and beyond the call of duty. Marian Mosser retired from the US Army as a Lt Colonel after an entire military career. Marian was and continues to be dedicated to serving the United States of America. Even after her military service, she served the public as a federal government employee for three separate federal agencies. Marian continues to help fellow veterans as a veteran advocate in Nevada. She also works with the Henderson Veteran's Court to advocate and assist veterans involved in the criminal justice system. Marian focused on substance misuse as the community outreach coordinator for the Las Vegas office of the Drug Enforcement Administration and was a program manager for a behavioral health agency. Marian continues to look for ways to advance veteran causes by advocating for veteran issues with Nevada elected officials. Marian's dream would be to operate a farm where she could work with veterans through animal therapy. Marian is a tireless advocate for veterans and continues to improve veterans' lives in Nevada and throughout the US.

Everyday Brings New Hope to Nevada  –  Julie M

Life doesn't come with a rewind, fast forward, or pause button. Once life starts, it plays until it ends, or if one decides to press stop. Oftentimes, when people talk about suicide, it's too late. Hope Means Nevada is a statewide community-driven initiative to eliminate teen suicide in Nevada by reaching and teaching teens and caring adults the critical practices of mental wellness. Teens who face depression and isolation are not alone in the community, and Findlay Subaru of Las Vegas is doing what we can to lend a helping hand to shine a light on teen suicide. With the ongoing pandemic, many teens suffered by not having a social life and interacting with their classmates in school. September 10th was National Suicide Prevention Day, and Findlay Subaru of Las Vegas decided to do something special to help raise awareness about teen suicide in our community. Findlay Subaru of Las Vegas reached out to Nothing Bundt Cakes to help us raise awareness about suicide and local nonprofit Hope Means Nevada. With the help and support of Nothing Bundt Cakes, we surprised Hope Means Nevada with a combined donation check for one thousand dollars! Everyone has the potential to consider or attempt suicide; our hope by partnering with businesses throughout the community is to raise enough awareness to guide somebody who may be thinking about suicide to the resources they need in their fight to find the positive in life. We encourage everyone to reach out to five people and ask if they are okay. A simple act of kindness can change the way someone feels and possibly save a life. Remember always to be kind, and remember that a new day brings new gifts and joys into the world!

Swing Fore Safe Homes  –  Bob C

Findlay Subaru of Las Vegas joined Rebuilding Together Southern Nevada for their second annual "Swing For Safe Homes" golf tournament in Lake Las Vegas at Reflection Bay. It was a beautiful day for golf and a better day to help raise money for Rebuilding Together Southern Nevada! Rebuilding Together Southern Nevada is a non-profit organization that has continued working to keep our neighbors safe in their homes for the last 27 years. Their annual golf tournament helps raise money for Rebuilding Together Southern Nevada, which assists in-need seniors, veterans, and individuals with disabilities to age and live their lives in a safe place. This year Findlay Subaru of Las Vegas sponsored the Hole In One Contest. If one lucky golfer could hit a hole in one, Subaru was giving away a 2022 Subaru Impreza! Many golfers tried their best, but no one was successful in getting a hole in one! Although no one was successful in winning the Subaru Impreza, the golf tournament was a great success that helped Rebuilding Together Southern Nevada raise over fifteen thousand dollars. Findlay Subaru of Las Vegas is proud to support the nonprofits that continue to better the lives of everyone in our community!

Salute Our Troops  –  Emily D

As we express our gratitude to the men and women who have served our country, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words but to live by them. Adam Harvison volunteered for the Army at 18 and served 21 years, giving his life to his country. When Adam retired, his service journey did not stop there; today, Adam serves veterans in the Las Vegas community. In addition, Adam is dedicating himself to helping other veterans through his non-profit, The Harvison House. Adam created the Harvison House to help make every veteran feel comfort and peace in their home so that they are free to accomplish their life mission after military service. Every veteran carries unique experiences from military service, and Adam is there to help guide them and bring peace into their lives. Findlay Subaru of Las Vegas is proud to award Adam Harvison with this month's Salute Our Troops Award. Thank you for your faithful service and for continuing to give back to other veterans in our community.

Public Lands Clean Up Day!  –  Almendra J

Las Vegas, Clark County, Henderson, North Las Vegas, and Boulder City are surrounded by 7.5 million acres of public lands, many of which are connected by more than 1,000 miles of hiking and biking trails! As proud members of the Las Vegas community, it is our duty to help protect the lands and habitats of wildlife creatures. On Saturday, September 25th, Subaru of Las Vegas employees joined Get Outdoors Nevada at Mountains Edge Regional Park to celebrate Public Lands Day. Together we spent the morning picking up trash that was not properly disposed of. From the baseball fields to the desert hiking trails, we collected 166 pounds of micro-trash! National Public Lands Day is traditionally the nation's largest single-day volunteer effort! The day celebrates the connection between people and green spaces in the community, it inspires stewardship and encourages the use of open spaces for education, recreation, and health benefits. The environment is not only our home, but it's everything that keeps us alive. From the food we eat to the air we breathe, it's our responsibility to protect our home to ensure future generations will continue to have a healthy and clean environment.

A Greater Purpose  –  Jennifer V

Courage...what is it exactly? Courage to me is strength, even when faced with the most difficult of situations. The ability to overcome anything with hope. The Make-A-Wish Trailblaze Challenge in Southern Nevada is exactly that. Not only is it courage for the participants who are willing to put one foot in front of the other to hike 25 miles, but it's also hope. Hope for the individuals whose lives have been and potentially will be impacted by Make-A-Wish Southern Nevada, giving them a family to lean on in difficult moments and a wish to focus on when all else seems to not be going their way. The Trailblaze Challenge is a life-changing endurance experience where participants are physically and emotionally faced with completing a 25+ mile hike in a single day, and Subaru of Las Vegas is leading the way as the presenting sponsor of this event. To be a part of something greater than ourselves, to do something for someone to show that we care beyond just words, to give back so that wishes can be granted and little hearts can be full of happiness...that's our mission as presenting sponsor and our message to the hikers at the first information session that was held in the Community Room at Subaru of Las Vegas. Words of encouragement from General Manager, Burton Hughes, to those who were courageous enough for the challenge as he shared his guiding principals and the hear behind why we do what we do: "It's an absolute honor to be the presenting sponsor of the first time ever challenge in Nevada. I can only say that every single day I have two guiding principles that really lead me as a leader, and that is to love my creator and to love people as we should love each other and love ourselves. We as a manufacturer, the Subaru Love Promise is what guides us. We love being able to give back, we love being able to help facilitate things like this that truly allow us to love others. Thank you for being a part of it. Thank you so much for allowing us to help pull this off and promote this. I know that as a sponsor of wishes in the past and of more in the future, we just are so blessed. It is more blessed to give than to receive so thank you for being a part of it".

Subaru's Hometown Hero, Victoria Hughes!  –  Lesli K

A hero gives their life to something bigger than oneself, precisely what Victoria Hughes is doing. Victoria Hughes is our Subaru of Las Vegas September Hometown Hero of the Month! Victoria has been with the Southern Nevada Health District for over eight years, and when the pandemic hit, Victoria was tasked with overseeing all the Covid-19 contact tracers. She continues to provide proper safety training when coming into contact with COVID-19, and is there to support the community and agencies that have questions regarding COVID. Victoria continues to be on the front lines and cares greatly about the Las Vegas community. Findlay Subaru of Las Vegas and our community partners are proud to recognize Victoria Hughes for all of her tremendous help in the community. Victoria received a Subaru of Las Vegas road trip to Casablanca Resort in Mesquite, a date night for two at Board & Brush, lunch from Raising Canes, a gift card to Distill local bar, tickets to the Las Vegas Aviators baseball game, and a custom flag from Customs Jacks.

Shining a Light on Las Vegas Superheroes!  –  Emily D

Everyone has the power to become a superhero! On Saturday, September 18th ordinary people revealed their superpowers as they raced in the Superhero 5K benefiting Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation of Nevada. Every year approximately 15,780 children under the age of nineteen are diagnosed with cancer, and it's the Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundations mission to provide emotional support, quality of life programs, and financial assistance for children and their families affected by childhood cancer. The Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation of Nevada hosts an annual Superhero 5K to honor those we have lost from cancer illnesses, help raise funds, and spread awareness about childhood cancer. Last year, the Superhero 5K was a virtual event due to the pandemic, but they welcomed over one thousand racers this year! Findlay Subaru of Las Vegas was proud to support the families and children of Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation at this year's Superhero 5K! Subaru of Las Vegas was onsite cheering on racers and handing out Subaru swag as they crossed the finish line. As a community, we have been through many trials and tribulations, but together we joined forces and helped raise $237,161 for the Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation of Nevada. Their annual 5K represents more than a walk; it represents hope and love as every step ran or walked helps spread awareness. The children battling cancer are the true heroes, and they teach us, no matter what we are going through in our lives to continue to have faith and hope.

Subaru Hometown Hero- August 2021  –  Emily D

Heroes don't have to wear capes to be extraordinary. Instead, our local heroes wear uniforms, badges, and stethoscopes. Every month we ask the community to submit nominations of a Hometown Hero that has made a difference in their life or the community. We are pleased to honor nurse Justin Parker with the Henderson Hospital in the Neonatal Ward for August with the Subaru Hometown Hero Award. Justin was nominated by his wife and coworker Melissa Parker. Justin is a steadfast pillar of hope and compassion for the babies he helps save and their families that live in anxiety as they anxiously wait for their baby to come home. Families constantly reach out to Justin to thank him for his steady hand and compassionate care for their precious baby. Justin loves what he does, and Justin's greatest joy is when these special kids can go home to reunite with their families. Justin received multiply prizes from community partners that share the same love for First Responders. In addition, Justin also received a Subaru Roadtrip package that came with Subaru swag, a Subaru three-day rental vehicle, and a two-night stay at Casablanca Resort and Casino. It takes a special person to wake up every morning and give their life to serving the community. Thank you, Justin, for spending countless hours in the hospital making sure our babies come home safe!

Story Time With Burton Hughes  –  Lynn W

In celebration of Subaru Loves Learning month, Findlay Subaru of Las Vegas hosted a 'Read to Me Book Drive' throughout August to help support students enrolled in local Title I schools. The community joined hands to donate new or gently used children's books, and together, we collected over three hundred books! In addition, Subaru of Las Vegas selected different local Title I schools to visit each week throughout August. Subaru of Las Vegas surprised students at Marion B. Earl Elementary, Harvey Dondero Elementary, and Judith Steele Elementary with story time and books. Students gathered around as our General Manager Burton Hughes read stories aloud like "The Berenstain Bears and the Big Road Race" and "If I Built a Car." As story time ended, we had a special surprise waiting for each student in the class. Students were able to select a book of their choice to keep and take home! Reading is the passport to countless adventures, and through each turn of a page, you never know where the story may lead you. We hope that leaving behind a book will inspire students to continue to read and never stop reaching for the highest stars when it comes to their education. In addition to the 'Read to Me Book Drive,' Subaru of Las Vegas joined Subaru of America and to support students and facility members at Judith Steele Elementary. After reading to students, Findlay Subaru of Las Vegas had the pleasure of surprising Judith Steele Elementary with a ten thousand dollar donation to help make learning accessible to as many students as possible! Principle Lynn Walker wrote this letter to Findlay Subaru of Las Vegas, expressing her gratitude: Dear Subaru of Las Vegas, Thank you for selecting Judith Steele Elementary for the Subaru Loves Learning initiative. Your generous donation will leave a lasting impression on the students at Steele for years to come. This donation will be used to support the integration of technology and the arts. Students will engage with music and learn to create animation. Your support will enable us to build on our already effective instructional model. Our goal is to increase collaboration between technology and the arts, so the students can see the different ways they can be creative while also engaging in STEAM activities. Engagement in these activities can open our students' minds to new opportunities. Without your support, the program would have struggled to start. We appreciate that you also gave your time to read to our students. It means so much to have a local community partner that can contribute to the long-term success of our students. Thank you! Sincerely, Lynn Walker Principal

Helping the Community One Meal at a Time!  –  Dalisa C

There is nothing more rewarding than giving back and making a difference in people's lives in our community. Last month, Subaru of Las Vegas spent a Saturday morning giving back to our local community by helping distribute food to families in need. Subaru employees volunteered with The Just One Project to help distribute food for 946 individuals at their monthly Pop Up & Give Market at Orr Middle School. The Pop Up & Give Mobile Market is a crucial project that mobilizes over 400 volunteers at 13 sites in the most food-insecure communities in Southern Nevada. This program distributes fresh groceries to over 17,000 clients in need in a single day. Unfortunately, transportation is not always accessible in low-income areas, so The Just One Project is determined to host Pop Up & Give Mobile Markets in easily accessible locations. Mobile markets are placed within walking distance of low-income neighborhoods to ensure all individuals have the opportunity to receive food. Starting at 5 am people and vehicles were lined up outside of the market, patiently waiting to receive food for themselves and their loved ones. The Just One Project had set up over eleven pallets of food that included: frozen chicken, beans, cheese, milk, fruit, eggs, tortillas, potatoes, and so much more. Once set up, each vehicle made its way down an assembly line of volunteers that helped pack and place food boxes into each passing trunk. Finally, after four hours of distributing food and serving 249 vehicles, the food from each pallet had made its way back into the community. It was a memorable experience that we were blessed to be a part of and help give back to the community. To witness the joy return to the family's faces as we placed food in their vehicle was a feeling we will hold onto forever. The Just One Project was founded in 2014 and has quickly become one of the fastest-growing nonprofit organizations in Southern Nevada. The Just One Project strives to connect the community through acts of giving back. Through its mission, The Just One Project successfully connects over 20,000 people every month. Helping the community creates a lasting impact, and by partnering with local organizations that are determined to make tomorrow a better place, we all can make a difference!

Lee Canyon Mountain Fest  –  Emily D

Subaru of Las Vegas joined Lee Canyon in their annual Mountain Fest vent on August 7th, benefiting local organizations including, Go Mt Charleston and Friends of Nevada Wilderness. It was a day of fun under the sun, as family and friends were able to gather to enjoy live music, disc golf, ax throwing, and amazing eats from some of Las Vegas's elite food trucks! Subaru of Las Vegas set up a booth onsite to pay tribute to our Subaru Loves Pets Pillar. As dogs and humans walked by our booth, they couldn't help but wag their tails! We set up our Subaru "In The Dog House" photo booth to capture all the cute pets that stopped at our booth, and we even had husbands in the dog house too! Not only were pets greeted with high-pitched hellos and numerous belly rubs, but Subaru of Las Vegas also made over two hundred and fifty customizable dog tags and handed out Subaru Loves Pets swag! Subaru of Las Vegas is looking forward to another successful Mountain Fest event in 2022!

Supply Our Students Back to School Supply Drive  –  Anothony B

Subaru of Las Vegas joined Fox 5 in the Take 5 to Care program to support the Southern Nevada Salvation Army in the largest school supply donation! Throughout July, the community visited Subaru of Las Vegas to drop off all different school supply needs! Our dealership was filled with backpacks, pencils, paper, markers, crayons, and so much more! Subaru of Las Vegas is proud to support our local community and help our students have the tools they need to have a successful school year. Subaru of Las Vegas donated everything students need to fill their backpacks, from paper to notebooks, pencil boxes, and glue sticks our students will walk into the new school year prepared! Together the community raised $47,060 in money and school supplies. It’s rewarding to be a part of a community that gives back to those in need. Subaru of Las Vegas loves our students and teachers, and wishes them the best of luck in the 2021-2022 school year!

Camp Cartwheel 2021  –  Stephanie P

his past year has been challenging for so many people in our community. When we looked for times to give up, we held onto hope to keep moving forward. During the pandemic, many lives stopped, but the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation continued to work with families to navigate through the financial and emotional effects of the pandemic. For the last twenty-five years, the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation has continued to spread hope and joy through Camp Cartwheel. Camp Cartwheel is a cherished event by the children that are struggling with cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Camp Cartwheel is a place with no doctor's appointments, X-Ray Machines, hospital beds, and the same four walls that surround the hospitals. Instead, Camp is a place that's filled with laughter, games, arts and crafts, and a place surrounded by love. There are no breaks when it comes to battling cancer, so Camp Cartwheel is a place where kids can enjoy the moment and not let their illness control their life. Due to the effects of COVID-19 Camp Cartwheel looked a little different from years prior. Camp Cartwheel was mainly virtual, but we were lucky enough to have one day of camp in person. Families gathered outside the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation Caring Place for a day in the jungle. Kids were welcomed into the gift store, where they can have any toys their hearts desired. After their bags were full of toys, kids bowled, participate in arts and crafts, and enjoy snow cones and a barbecue. Subaru of Las Vegas donated stuffed animals, coloring books with crayons, and Subaru sunglasses for kids to take home. You couldn't help but smile when you saw the kids light up with joy when they were finally welcomed back to camp. Not only were the kids happy, but it was nice to see the relief on the faces of parents when they were able to rejoice with camp counselors and witness the joy and excitement brought back to their children. Subaru of Las Vegas is thankful to be a part of an organization that brings so much happiness back to the community!

Subaru's Hometown Hero-July  –  Emily D

Every police officer that puts a badge on in the morning knows there is a chance they might not come back at night. Our police officers are more than just men and women in uniform; they are fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, and brother and sisters. They do not only keep our city safe, but they are active members of our community. Subaru of Las Vegas expresses our gratitude to our first responders that sacrifice their time, and their lives to protect us from harm. Subaru of Las Vegas has created a program called "Subaru’s Hometown Heroes" to honor our first responders that have made a difference in the community. For July, we received a nomination that could not be ignored. This month Subaru of Las Vegas is proud to honor Officer Andrea Mitre with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Officer Andrea Mitre responded to a disturbance call in February, and instead of it just being another call, Officer Mitre continued to inspire a woman to leave an unhealthy situation. The next day, that same woman was involved in an active shooting that Officer Mitre responded to. Immediately Officer Mitre was there for her and her family every day at the hospital to ensure she and her daughter made it through the shooting. Here is the nomination that she wrote about Officer Mitre. “3 years ago, my husband shot me 3 times, (face, neck, and stomach) & my daughter (15) was shot in the face & chest. This officer was at my house the night before when my partner was brandishing a gun threatening to take my life. She went and tried to get me to leave (before SafeNest helped people). She showed a genuine interest in my life, but I had nowhere to go. I was shot the next morning. I woke up from nearly dying to see this angel at my bedside. She had come and stayed at the hospital (on her own time) to see I was alive as well as my daughter! She saw me again after that at a disturbance call. She held me so tight and with tears streaming. This woman tries to make a difference in this city. She was my angel, and if I could afford anything, I would bless her with it to continue to inspire more women to leave. She is giving hope to a spirit that is dying inside when she gets involved. Please do anything you can for, "My Hero"! We are thankful for Officers like Andrea Mitre, and we are proud to recognize her as Subaru’s Hometown Hero of the Month.

Dress to Impress Clothing & Shoe Drive  –  Christina M

Dear Subaru of Las Vegas, I am the proud principal of Helen Jydstrup Elementary School. Jydstrup was built in 1991 and is located in the Southwest part of Las Vegas. Jydstrup Elementary serves approximately 640 students from Pre-kindergarten through 5th grade, including four autism classes and a special needs community-based pre-kindergarten program. We celebrate our diversity, as many of our families are new to the United States and come from various counties in Africa, Europe, and Asia. The ethnic diversity among our students and families is one of the prominent features that separate us from other Clark County schools. Many of our students are learning English after they have learned another language at home. There are over twenty-four different languages spoken in the homes of our students. Some of our families are struggling with learning a new culture and a new language. Every day Jydstrup ES provides breakfast and lunch to every student at no cost to the parents to help with financial strain. Subaru of Las Vegas generously hosted a gently used and new clothing and shoe drive to support our students and families in need throughout July. On Tuesday, July 27th, Subaru of Las Vegas was able to provide donated clothing and shoes to over fifty families in need at the Subaru of Las Vegas Closet Event. Our students were able to pick out a new pair of shoes for their first day of school, to help give them the confidence to walk into the new school year. Many of our students have siblings and parents that are also in need, and Subaru of Las Vegas provided clothing and shoes from toddlers to women and men adult clothing to ensure everyone in the family was supported. I appreciate the time your company spent securing clothing and shoe donations throughout the last several weeks; it truly made a lasting impact on our students and their families. The Subaru of Las Vegas team was well organized, friendly, and professional! They did an amazing job setting up all of the donations and organizing the clothing and shoe items, so it was easy for our families to find what they may need. Helen Jydstrup Elementary is very grateful for your company’s compassion and dedication to supporting our community. With Gratitude, Christina M. Miani Principal Jydstrup Elementary School

Salute Our Troops-July  –  Emily D

We owe our World War II Veterans and all of our Veterans a debt we can never fully repay. There is a dwindling number of World War II Veterans among us, but we are lucky to have one here in Las Vegas. Sgt. Wade Mitchell joined the United States Air Force in 1942 and can distinctly remember serving as a Drill Sergeant during World War II. Wade Mitchell just turned one hundred years of age and still recalls his time in the United States Air force. Stepping into Mitchell’s home is like stepping into history books. Mitchell’s legacy lives on in the form of two children, nine grandchildren, nineteen great-grandchildren, and thirty-one great-great-grandchildren. Wade continues to live a life full of love with his wife by his side and the family surrounding him. Thank you, Sgt. Wade Mitchell for your service in the United States Air Force and for being a symbol for your generation for the past one hundred years. Subaru of Las Vegas along with Sinclair Broadcasting our proud to recognize all your hard work, and present you with this month, Salute Our Troops Award.

More Than a Best Friend  –  Stephanie G

Woof! Woof! Hurray!Thank you, Subaru of Las Vegas, for giving the gift of freedom of a fully trained assistance dog to Zi and his beautiful family! You are, Helping Others Pawsitively Everyday (H.O.P.E.) by providing this family the necessary assistance for their son’s medical needs; adding joy, relief and making a boy's wish come true! Zi’s family reached out to Michael’s Angel Paws over a year ago looking for an assistance dog to help with their son and their family. Over the last year, they were on the top of our waiting list hoping for the right pup that could become part of their family. Finally, in December, I was able to inform the family of the incredible news that we had a match for Zi! In addition, the pup resembled his favorite animated dog “Gidget” from a popular movie! Epi came to us trained as an assistance dog from his former dad Henry. Henry was a very dedicated and caring person, he spent hours, months, and years preparing Epi to be his own medical alert dog. Unfortunately, Henry became very ill and we lost this amazing man due to his illness. Upon Henry’s passing, it was Henry’s wish for Epi to continue his journey of being an assistance dog and helping someone else in need. When I arrived home after picking up Epi, he was immediately drawn to my youngest daughter’s attention and went to her side. That connection was a clear sign to me that Zi could potentially be that child; Epi and Zi should be paired to journey together. Epi and I spent several weeks in training before going to meet Zi and his family. I first made a visit to their home to talk with the family and meet with Zi. After laying much of the groundwork, I felt the two new friends were ready to meet. Epi was a joy to watch immediately going to Zi and seeing what this curious boy was all about. Zi was equally curious and excited to finally see his new best friend. Zi’s mom and dad were beside themselves to see the happiness in Zi’s face. It was then I was able to share with them our partnership between Michael’s Angel Paws and Subaru of Las Vegas. I informed them that Epi’s care and training expenses were all being paid for through the generous support from Subaru of Las Vegas! They were incredibly grateful and couldn’t believe all of the support coming from our communities! Upon Epi’s matching, he has since been introduced to other family members! He shares Zi’s love for his two-legged sister Isabella and his new four-legged brother Lucky, the other family pet. Epi has brought joy to the family with lots of smiles, laughs, and more importantly a sense of relief to Zi’s mom and dad who now have another set of eyes on their beloved son to keep him safe. Epi adores Zi and follows him around the house, he comforts Zi if he begins to feel anxious by sitting next to him and allowing Zi to pet Epi. They often play their favorite game together of hind and seek or “Where’s Zi?” with the entire family sometimes joining in! I visit and train once a week and the Team of Zi and Epi continues to develop and get stronger! Subaru of Las Vegas’s generous gift allows a boy to be a boy, gain a friend for life, and peace of mind for a family. The power of an assistance dog is so much more than just one family, it impacts our entire community and shares the Love! Pawsitivity, with my deepest gratitude, Founder and Chief Executive Officer - Michael’s Angel Paws Inc. Stephanie Gerken

Operation Gratitude  –  DJ S

The month of May honors, recognizes, and appreciates all military personnel, to those men and women who have served throughout our history and to all of those that are currently serving in uniform. Subaru of Las Vegas is proud to support our military community in all aspects of life. Throughout the month of May, Subaru of Las Vegas and its customers helped support non-profits with a primary focus on our local military troops. A $4,000 donation was made towards Kline Veterans Fund. In addition, $15,050 was also donated to USO Nevada by an accumulation of donations for every vehicle purchase or lease, and oil changes, bringing the total donation amount to $19,050. USO Nevada Executive Director, DJ Stanhope, sent a heart-warming letter of gratitude that really put it all into perspective: Dear Subaru of Las Vegas, USO Nevada could not be more grateful to Subaru of Las Vegas for their support of our mission to the military. The amount of $15,050 raised during our May Military Appreciation Month campaign will allow the USO to provide services to more than 5000 troops in Nevada! Subaru of Las Vegas generously donated $50 for every purchased or leased vehicle throughout the month of May, and the service department donated another $3 for every oil change! On top of that, Subaru of Las Vegas also offered free oil changes on Armed Forces Day to all Active Duty military members that own a Subaru. Thanks to Subaru of Las Vegas the USO Nevada will be able to support PTSD and suicide mitigation initiatives by working with base mental health officers. We will also be able to provide refreshments and toiletries to troops while they are traveling through the airport, ease the loneliness of families of deployed troops by bringing them together at monthly dinners, provide lunches to National Guard members staffing COVID-19 testing and vaccination sites, and more! USO is known for our morale events, but to many service members, it is a home away from home. USO Transitions helps military members separating from the service to make the change to civilian employment by providing personal guidance and mentorship, and assists military spouses who sacrifice building a career by gaining meaningful employment in their new location. USO Entertains and helps lift the spirits of troops and their families as they deal with the rigors and challenges of military life. USO Unites by providing communications access connecting troops and families wherever they may be. USO Delivers goods and services to remote locations around the state and elsewhere via mobile USO centers and virtual programming. And USO Families of the Fallen provides dignified assistance to families on their sad journey to escort home a loved one who has given the last full measure of devotion to their nation. Up to 100,000 military members experience the touch of home at one of our four USO centers in Nevada: Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 in McCarran Airport, Nellis Air Base, and Creech Air Base. For them, the USO mission to strengthen America’s military members by connecting them to family, home, and country throughout their service to the nation, is the expression of affection and esteem from a caring community. USO Nevada is so very proud to include Subaru of Las Vegas in that group. On behalf of the military members, their families, the volunteers, staff, and Advisory Board of USO Nevada, our most sincere thanks and gratitude for your generosity. For the troops, DJ StanhopeExecutive Director

Under the hood or on the hoof it's all Horse Power  –  Sydney K

Horses 4 Heroes would like to thank Subaru of Las Vegas for taking the time to spend the day volunteering at our Horses 4 Heroes Summer Adventure Camp on June 15th. Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization, and we are beyond appreciative that your employees took the time to help mentor kids and become honoree Camp Counselors! Children are the future, and we are thankful to have positive influences like yourselves for kids to look up to in the community. We would also like to take the time to thank you for all of the Subaru gear that you so generously donated to the children at camp! Horses 4 Heroes is blessed to be a part of Subaru’s Hometown Heroes Initiative to help give back to our local first responders. By partnering together, we can help spread awareness about mental health and express our four core values through horses which are Responsibility, Independence, Discipline, and Empathy. We use our horses to build self-esteem, reduce anxiety, stress, and depression. We take pride in teaching children, teens, addicts, victims of domestic abuse and violence, and Veterans/First Responders with PTSD that they have the power to change their lives. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for the continuous support. Our organization and our horses love Subaru of Las Vegas. Like we say at camp, “Under every hood or on the hoof, it’s all Horse Power!” Sincerely, Sydney Knotts

Salute Our Troops-June  –  Emily D

Once a Marine always a Marine, and that will remain true for Rudy Morales. Subaru of Las Vegas along with Sinclair Broadcasting Group is honored to recognize Rudy Morales, as our June recipient for Salute Our Troops. Rudy decided he wasn’t going to take the easiest route in life, and he decided to join the Marine Corps because he believed it would be the most difficult. Rudy served in the Marines for nine years and served in Iraq during Operation Desert Storm, where he was awarded the Purple Heart. During his time in Iraq, Rudy saved many lives of his fellow Marines. His wife, Sarah says, “I know Operation Desert Storm means a lot to him; he created so many friends during that time. He has always been proud of being able to save other people’s lives during that particular time.” Sarah received the Salute Our Troops award on behalf of Rudy Morales. Together we salute Rudy for his bravery, sacrifice, and service in the United States Marine Corp. Some people spend their entire lifetime wondering if they have made a difference in the world, and we are proud to say Rudy Morales has left his mark on the world and in our lives.

Puppies Without Borders Rescue Mission  –  Sky V

Puppies without Borders is a noble outreach program to end the suffering of puppies in poverty-stricken communities in Mexico. Our mission is to rescue these abused puppies, rehabilitate them, keep them in temporary housing, and place them into responsible, loving homes. St. Martin's Animal Foundation started Puppies without Borders with our friend Sylvia Avendano, who witnessed the heartbreaking abuse firsthand in 2018. Many low-income communities in Mexico have a large number of street dogs that are not properly cared for which causes overpopulation. Many of these dogs in Mexico are young, starving, and injured. Puppies without Borders outreach program has been very successful and continues to be successful thanks to community partners like Subaru of Las Vegas. Our rescue team has been able to home many well-deserving Mexican street dogs into loving homes throughout California, Arizona, and Las Vegas. Recently, St. Martin Animal Foundation has been in need of a vehicle since my small hatchback is no longer reliable enough for rescue missions across state lines. There's nothing more terrifying than being stranded on the side of the road with multiple dogs in the middle of a heatwave! When Subaru of Las Vegas heard about our mission and our struggles, they were kind enough to offer a Subaru Ascent rental vehicle to help transport multiply dogs, to help them find forever homes. On June 13th, St. Martin's Animal Foundation packed up for our third rescue mission of the year! Thanks to Subaru of Las Vegas, the Subaru Ascent had enough cargo space to save five dogs in Tijuana! Three out of the five rescue dogs have already been lucky enough to find their forever homes. Margarita was one of our rescues, living in the streets of Mexico when she was hit by a car and left for dead. Her injuries were never treated, leaving her with permanent damage that will never allow her to walk on her back leg again. Lucky, there was a loving family waiting for her on the other side of the border that is willing to help Margarita get the medical attention and love she deserves! Another one of our rescue pups, Truffle is a five-year-old street dog that was adopted by a loving couple that donated their time at a local city animal shelter in California. Now, Truffle doesn't have to worry about the hardships in life, instead, he is showered with love and kisses. Lastly, our beloved Jimmy Hendrix will get adopted next week by another loving family where he will be able to live out the rest of his life in peace! St. Martin's Animal Foundation is beyond thankful for the love and compassion that Findlay Subaru of Las Vegas continues to share with us. St. Martin's Animal Foundation was so excited to be chosen as one of the local nonprofit organizations to be supported by Findlay Subaru Of Las Vegas; many of our rescue missions would not be possible without their willingness to help! Our collaboration will continue to save many more fur babies in need. Thank you Findlay Subaru of Las Vegas for helping St. Martin's Animal Foundation have another successful rescue mission! Thank you, Sky Valencia

Subaru of Las Vegas Hometown Hero- June 2021  –  Emily D

We owe our gratitude to the men and women who selflessly serve our community to ensure our home maintains safe and healthy. Every month Subaru of Las Vegas asks the community to come together to nominate a hometown hero that has made a difference in the community. For June, Subaru of Las Vegas received many nominations, but one, in particular, stood out the most. Katelynn Hamer is an ER trauma nurse at Sunrise Hospital and she was nominated by her husband. Here is what Dustin wrote about his wife, “Let’s go back a few years. Katelynn has been in healthcare for 6+years. Throughout those years, she worked full time and put herself through nursing school. 7 days a week for many years, If she wasn’t at work, she was at school and vice versa. She dropped everything on the night of October 1 to help after the tragic Route 91 events. About a year later, Katelynn graduated from nursing school. Since then she has worked day in and day out in the ER, also training in trauma, and now is a vital member of the trauma team at Sunrise. Throughout the covid-19 pandemic, she not only worked full time at sunrise, but she picked up a second job at Henderson Hospital ER in the heart of the pandemic. Since then she has left Henderson but continues to work a second job as well as pick up extra shifts at Sunrise. Somewhere between all of that, before Katelynn and I were engaged. She was able to save up and buy a house all on her own. And she accomplished this all before her 30th birthday. While working 2 jobs she also found time to plan most of our wedding and also maintain time with our families. Katelynn loves her career and her Sunrise ER family. She is very deserving of this recognition.” Subaru of Las Vegas collaborates with amazing companies that have the same heart to giving back to the community. Each company comes together to honor our Subaru of Las Vegas Hometown Hero of the Month. Katelynn is very deserving of this award, and we are so thankful to honor her and have her a part of the Las Vegas community.

Mike and Carla 5th Annual: Project H2O  –  Anthony B

It’s no secret the temperatures in Las Vegas keep climbing, and we are preparing for a hot summer this year! What better way to prepare than by bringing the community together to collect bottles of water for families in need. Subaru of Las Vegas sponsored the 5th Annual 96.3 KKLZ Mike and Carla: Project H20 Water Drive, benefiting the Salvation Army! This year we collected over one hundred cases of water to help families in need throughout the valley. On average Las Vegas see 70+ days of 100 plus temperatures, and some peoples do not have the funding to properly prepare for the summer. Under the Subaru Loves to Help Pillar, Subaru of Las Vegas is always lending out a hand to help in our community. Thanks to our united community, many families will be able to have water this summer.

Spread the Love & Give Blood  –  Sara D

To our Friends at Subaru of Las Vegas, When you made the decision to host a blood drive, you helped change lives…Thank you for coordinating the blood drive on Friday, May 21, 2021. The drive overall and the willingness of the donors to share this life-saving gift were amazing! The efforts of Subaru of Las Vegas are greatly appreciated and never forgotten. The support from the community blood program will go a long way towards replenishing blood supplies and ultimately saving lives. In total, we collected twenty-one units of blood, and had two first-time donors! Thank you for supporting the American Red Cross!

2021 Road to College Scholarship  –  Christopher S

At the core of Subaru of Las Vegas is a promise, a promise to do right by our community; to be a positive influence in something bigger than ourselves. Under the Subaru Loves to Learn Pillar, Subaru of Las Vegas is proud to announce the 2021 Road to College Scholarship in partnership with De Castroverde Law Group. Together Subaru of Las Vegas and De Castroverde Law Group combined individual donations of $5,000 to award a local Las Vegas Valley graduating high school senior with a $10,000 scholarship to go towards their college or university tuition! Throughout April, students were able to submit scholarship applications on the Subaru of Las Vegas website. Students had to submit a one-thousand-word essay on either one of the following topics: "How can you inspire change in your community?" or "If you can change one thing about the world what would it be?" In total, we received 96 scholarship applications, and out of those 96 applications, Aysia Echols stood out in more ways than one! Aysia wrote her essay on how giving back to the community can inspire change. Aysia has exemplified the Subaru Love Promise in everything she does. Aysia has earned the Presidential Service Award for the last three years for exceeding 250 hours of volunteer work annually. Not only has she put in many hours into volunteering, but she has also dedicated her time to working on a nonprofit project that helps prepare her peers for college and beyond. Aysia's project has spread across 10 school districts, 47 states, and 5 countries! Aysia's compassion for others and her willingness to help the community are extraordinary. Subaru of Las Vegas is proud to award Aysia with the 2021 Road to College scholarship! We wish Aysia the best of luck in her post-secondary education goals at Southern Utah University. Aysia wrote this thank you letter to Subaru of Las Vegas: Hi, Subaru of Las Vegas, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for selecting me for the 2021 Road to College scholarship. I will attend Southern Utah University to earn a bachelor of science degree to become a registered nurse. You have made my road to success not only possible but also a lot easier without having to worry about the financial burden. I will be the first of nine children to attend college. Now, I can focus on my studies to be able to help hundreds, maybe even thousands of people in need. This has made a huge impact on my life; pushing me to do even greater with your help. Thank you again for selecting me to be an ambassador for De Castroverde Law Group and Findlay Subaru of Las Vegas. Thank you, Aysia Echols Arbor View H.S. Class of 2021

Salute Our Troops- May 2021  –  Emily D

Subaru of Las Vegas along with Sinclair Broadcasting are proud to award Morton Friendlander with this month’s Salute Our Troops Award! Morton has served the United States Air Force for more than a quarter of a century. During his time in the military Morton achieved one of the highest rankings you can earn, Lieutenant Colonel. When the military called on Morton, he was there to serve his country with dedication and honor. Morton has served on six different continents, and served in the Vietnam War. However, behind every great solider is a woman who supports him. Throughout his time in the United States Air Force, Morton’s wife of sixty-four years stood next to him, and supported him in time of need. At the ripe age of 88, Morton continues to serve his fellow veterans in Las Vegas. He helps serve the homeless veterans and at risk veterans by securing housing, and various activities to pay tribute to the veteran community. Subaru of Las Vegas salutes Morton Friedlander for his bravery and sacrifice to the United States Air Force, and for his continual support to the Las Vegas veteran community!

Connecting the Community with Job Opportunities!  –  Emily D

It’s no doubt that 2020 posed numerous challenges for our community; many families struggled, and many jobs were lost due to the impact of COVID-19. As our city begins to open and we begin to rebuild, Subaru of Las Vegas wants nothing more than to lend a helping hand. As the one-year mark of COVID-19 approached, we recognize that there are still many people struggling to find employment. On May 5, 2021, Subaru of Las Vegas along with iHeartMedia hosted a job fair right here in our community room! Our goal was to bring job seekers together to connect with employers and job recruiters. In a socially distanced manner, individuals had the opportunity to meet directly with hiring managers face-to-face, and to learn about various local career opportunities available. Throughout the day, we invited the community to come down, and learn about several different jobs available in hopes to help individuals get back into the workplace. Subaru of Las Vegas reached out to a number of diverse businesses around the community, and was joined by Diamond Resorts, Raising Canes, The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Nevada State Bank, See Better Optics Lab, Findlay Volkswagen, The United States Marine Corps, Terrible Herbst, White Castle, Jett Gaming, Kopolow & Girisgen Doctors of Optometry, and iHeartMedia of Las Vegas. All of these businesses were eager to meet with potential employees in person and be able to do face-to-face interviews! Each employer was able to leave the job fair with a handful of resumes, and the community was able to leave with high hopes for new jobs! Thank you to all the businesses that participated in our first ever job fair! We are excited to see you again on June 9th!

We Love Our Firefighters!  –  Kylie H

In honor of International Firefighters' Day which was on May 4th, Subaru of Las Vegas teamed up with Raising Canes to deliver lunch to local fire stations across Las Vegas. Subaru of Las Vegas picked one station from each department. Throughout the day we visited Clark County Fire Station 34, North Las Vegas Fire Station 50, City of Las Vegas Fire Station 1, and Henderson Fire Station 84! Firefighters save more than homes, they save hearts, memories, and dreams. Thank you to the men and women that put their life on the line, and run towards the danger when others run away! Subaru of Las Vegas loves you!

Rebuilding and Restoring the Beauty of Las Vegas  –  Jason M

Subaru of Las Vegas celebrates National Rebuilding Day with Fox 5 and Rebuilding Together Southern Nevada. On April 24, 2021 Subaru of Las Vegas employee’s traded in their uniform for shovels and paint, to help repair Sue Ross’s house. Sue Ross is a beautiful 94-year-old woman, she currently lives alone and just needed an extra hand around the house, and Subaru of Las Vegas was there to help! Our Rebuilding Together team gave Sue the ultimate home makeover from new exterior paint to laying down new rock in the backyard, cleaning up her shrubs, and picking up debris Subaru of Las Vegas was there to help restore Sue’s home. Subaru of Las Vegas also replaced dying plants with new shrubs, in hopes to remind Sue that life continues to grow and blossom not matter what season of life you are in! Rebuilding Together Southern Nevada focuses on supporting our most vulnerable community members. Their efforts focus on neighborhoods with the greatest need, such as those with high rates of foreclosure, abandoned properties, and vacant homes. Subaru of Las Vegas had the most rewarding time collaborating with Fox 5 and Rebuilding Together Southern Nevada to restore beauty and revitalize communities. After all the hard work everyone did that day, we had the opportunity to see Sue come out of her home, and take her around to see all the amazing differences that our team had created. To watch Sue go around her home, and just smile at the beauty made the entire hard worker worth it. This will forever be a moment our Subaru employees will be able to look back and know they had a difference. Subaru of Las Vegas is proud to support Rebuilding Together Southern Nevada, and look forward to rebuilding another home in the community.

More Than a Badge- Officer Edward Karovic  –  Kylie H

Our local frontline workers have stood by us in countless ways. Now it’s our turn to stand by them to show how much they are loved and supported. Subaru of Las Vegas along with Custom Jacks, Raising Canes, Bass Pro Shops, Distill, Horses 4 Heroes, and Board and Brush are recognizing the frontline works that make a difference for our community. For the month of May, Police Officer, Edward Karovic with Henderson Police Department nomination rose to the top. Officer Karovic was nominated by a fellow co-work that recognized his strength and bravery. “Recently Officer Karovic responded to a family disturbance call. After clearing the call, he later found out one of the family members was struggling with a drug addiction. Officer Karovic took the time out of his day to later follow up with this young man and speak with him. Not as a Police Officer, but as a human being. This young man was so moved and impacted by this conversation. It could have very well changed/saved his life. Below is an e-mail the young man had sent Officer Karovic later that same night. "Hello Edward. I just wanted to say I really appreciate you speaking to me man to man today. Not a lot of officers would do that. I want you to know that you have given me the strength to see what I need to do to change my life. People treat me like a druggie but you understand what I am going through. I want you to know you are an angel is disguise, right when I needed you most. If I recover, it will because of you. Thank you Officer Karovic!"This is not the first time Officer Karovic has committed selfless acts like this. He truly cares about his community and is looking for ways every day to help citizens in need.” Thanks to Officer Karovic that young man has a second chance. Las Vegas is lucky to have frontline workers that care for one another and do what they can to support our community and our people. Thank you Officer Karovic for making our community a better place, we are proud to recognize you as our Hometown Hero of the month!

Keep Our Parks Clean & Green!  –  Almendra J

Parks are a place to enjoy and have fun with your family, a place create memories that last a lifetime, but sometimes we forget that our parks are home to many of Earth’s wildlife creatures such as insects, bunnies, birds, and many others that make our world whole. People may think that leaving behind a water bottle or a piece of trash will not do any harm, but in reality, we are destroying homes, including our own home… Earth. Las Vegas, Clark County, Henderson, North Las Vegas, and Boulder City are surrounded by 7.5 million acres of public lands, many of which are connected by more than 1,000 miles of hiking and biking trails! There are also a variety of beautiful parks and trails within city and county limits, and it is our job as a community to keep our lands clean! On Earth Day, April 22nd Subaru of Las Vegas employees spent the morning picking up litter that was left behind at Exploration Peak Park. Exploration Peak Park is home to beautiful hiking trails, a western theme playground, and large lush fields of green grass, and many wildlife creatures. Subaru of Las Vegas and Get Outdoors Nevada spent one-hour collecting trash, and within that one hour, Subaru of Las Vegas collected a total of 21.51 pounds of micro and macro trash throughout the park. Within one hour, we were able to make an impact, and we want to make sure to encourage our community to make an impact no matter if it is big or small. “The Earth does not belong to us; we simply belong to the Earth.”

Practice What You Peach!  –  Sharon L

As Earth Week came to an end Subaru of Las Vegas along with our community came together to support local eco-friendly non-profits and small businesses at our first ever Subaru Farmer’s Market! Las Vegas is home to many environmental friendly nonprofits and small business, and Subaru of Las Vegas was lucky enough to have them join us for our Earth Week celebration! All of our vendors are environmental friendly, and produce natural products! The Las Vegas Farm is a local non-profit that handled all of our fresh produce! From fresh eggs, to bread, to vegetables, and fruits, local honey, and jams the Las Vegas Farm had us covered! We were also join by local small business ME Mother Earth, who sold all natural bamboo products, and donated 10% of all sales back to helping remove plastic from the ocean! Subaru of Las Vegas even got our four legged friends involved by inviting local vegan nonprofit St. Martin’s Animal Foundation for a small dog adoption! Loving our environment means so much more than just loving the great outdoors. It means working to preserve it, and as a community, we are able to do just that. Subaru of Las Vegas believes in safeguarding resources and preserving natural spaces through the Subaru Loves the Earth initiative. By hosting, a farmer’s market Subaru of Las Vegas was able to directly impact the community and make a difference for our environment. By shopping locally, foods that are grown on small farms are usually produced by methods that do not have a substantial negative effect on the earth. In addition, farmer’s market produce is transported in much shorter distances, which allows us to cut down on the pollution that we would have from longer commutes. We can also effectively cut down on trash and other waste products by avoiding extra packaging from large production companies. Not only do we get the opportunity to eliminate waste and cut down on pollution, but we are also striving towards a healthier tomorrow. Most grocery store foods are highly processed and can contain large amounts of hormones and pesticides, which can cause harm to the body. Most food that comes from a farmer’s market will not contain any added chemicals, and are grown using naturally sustainable techniques on local farms. Farmer’s markets are for everyone, and designed to be accessible to all, and to create a sense of community engagement .Whether you seek fresh, affordable greens, or local crafts, there was something for everyone at the Subaru of Las Vegas Farmer’s Market!

Subaru of Las Vegas Salutes Frank LaDuca  –  Emily D

Being a solider is more than courage, it is about sacrificing yourself for something great than yourself and that is exactly what Navy Veteran, and Frank LaDuca did. Frank LaDuca is a WWII Navy vet who witnessed the bombs being dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki from the deck of the USS Waukesha, which was anchored in Tokyo Bay. Shortly after the Peace Treaty was signed, Frank would have to walk in the city of ashes, without protecting clothing to shield him from the mass amounts of radiation. Frank and his fellow shipmates constantly have to be hosed down on the ship deck, after having to discarding all their clothing. During WWII, the effects of radiation had little to no knowledge. Frank is a survivor, not only from the amount of radiation he was exposed to, but other narrow escapes that Frank endured during his tours in the Pacific. Frank is one of the Greatest Generation, and we are proud to award him with this month’s Salute Our Troops Award. Subaru of Las Vegas along with Sinclair Broadcasting continue to give thanks to the men and women who sacrificed their lives for our country.

More Than A Doctor  –  Brittany G

Congratulations to Dr. Leo Capobianco for being our March Subaru Hometown Hero of the month! His nurse practitioner Brittany Garcia nominated Dr. Capobianco; here is Dr. Leo Capobianco’s nomination story, “Dr. Capobianco is not only an amazing provider but boss as well. In the last year during the pandemic while other offices were closing their doors, Dr. Capobianco not only stayed open but continued to take on new patients. Never turning anyone away. In a time of hardship, he ensured all of his staff had hours and no one was laid off. He took on extra work to ensure his staff was not overwhelmed, and every patient was well cared for. He works alongside his team and is always willing to help. You will even find him answering phone and taking out the trash. He works a full schedule and takes call all weekend so no other provider has to. He is a true leader. He is a hero not just due to the work he did during this pandemic but rather that he provides this level of excellence every single day to every single patient.” Without the support and determination of Dr. Leo Capobianco and his team, our community would have suffered. We were in need of doctors throughout the pandemic, and Dr. Leo Capobianco continued to provide exceptional healthcare to his patients. Dr. Capobianco has been serving the Las Vegas community for over 19 years at the Las Vegas Doctor’s Center, and now it’s time to give back to him! Subaru of Las Vegas along with our community partners are proud to honor Dr. Capobianco! Dr. Capobianco received many prizes, which included A Subaru Road trip to Casablanca Resort and Casino in Mesquite, NV, and a custom flag from Custom Jacks! Not only did he receive a free two night stay, he also received a Subaru rental vehicle for three days, a date night for two to Board & Brush, a $100 gift card to Bass Pro Shops, lunch from Raising Canes, a gift card to Distill Local Bar, and a Day at the Ranch thanks to Horses 4 Heroes. From the bottom of all of our hearts thank you to Dr. Leo Capobianco, and the staff at Doctors Center for continuing to make sure our community stays safe and healthy!

Salute Our Troops- March  –  Emily D

A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles. Thomas Valentine is a man with admirable bravery and courage. Thomas served as a Navy hospital corpsman aboard the USS Saratoga in Desert Storm. The USS Saratoga was one of two aircraft carriers to challenge Libya in 1986. In the 1990’s the ship was engaged in operation Desert Storm with over 10,000 active missions. On December 12, 1990 Thomas Valentine was involved with the rescue of nearly 100 sailors from a ferry boat accident during the war. Thomas lost several of his shipmates in his care, but Thomas was also able to help rescue several lives. Thanks to Thomas, many people got a second chance at life, but those lives that were lost Thomas Valentine still carries them with him. Thomas also wrote a book titled, “Screams Overboard” his book is about the horrific tragedy that took place on December 12th, and how it affected his life with PTSD. Subaru of Las Vegas along with Sinclair Broadcasting are proud to award Thomas Valentine with this month, Salute Our Troops Award. Thank you for sharing your story and for all you did as a Navy Hospital Corpsman. We salute you today, and every day. You are a true American hero.

Saint Martin's Animal Foundation Pet Rescue  –  Sky V

My name is Sky Valencia, and I am the executive director for the Saint Martin’s Animal Foundation. This nonprofit charity was created to educate children about proper pet care and kindness toward animals. Through our spay and neuter programs, we prevent thousands of unwanted pregnancies, and get many street and shelter dogs into loving homes. Our rescue efforts expanded into Mexico where the overpopulation of homeless dogs is heartbreaking and overwhelming. Our rescue efforts also expanded into California, Southern Utah, and Arizona as well. That means my little Honda hatchback is driving through four different states on a weekly basis and taking a lot of wear and tear. Because it is a smaller vehicle, it is hard to pick up donated items, making more trips necessary that use up extra time and effort. Additionally, I can only fit 3-4 rescued dogs at a time. Since the dogs need to be caged when I am traveling, the Honda Fit does not leave much room, and it breaks my heart that some dogs are left behind and cannot begin their rehabilitation process to find a forever home for weeks because I just simply don't have room. Thanks to the team at Subaru of Las Vegas, St. Martin’s Animal Foundation was able to have a successful rescue mission to Victorville, California this past weekend. Subaru of Las Vegas generously lent Saint Martin’s Animal Foundation with a 2020 Subaru Ascent loaner vehicle. We were absolutely blown away by the car; the way it maneuvered, how much extra space we had, how amazing the stereo system was, and so much more. The most important thing for Saint Martin’s is having a reliable car to transport precious cargo like our dogs and puppies, and never have to worry about issues with air-conditioning or heat. During our mission, we were able to pick up donations from Lucy’s Pet Dog and Cat food, and give three of our homeless dogs their forever homes. Bella is a miniature pincher Chihuahua mix, very shy but very sweet. Bella was rescued from a high kill shelter as a feral desert dog. She spent most of her life without human contact, and needed a responsible parent who understood her insecurities. Thanks to Subaru of Las Vegas Bella was able to make the journey to her forever home. Jasper also has a very sad story. Since he was not good with other dogs and was not socialized properly, he spent most of his life in an animal shelter. After almost a year of searching for a family for Jasper, we finally found a love match. Chris is a retired schoolteacher who had no other pets and a nice big backyard for our handsome boy. Jasper’s dream finally came true. Now he is able to live his life in a house full of love. Lastly, we were able to place Miles in his new loving home. Miles is a handsome Labrador pit bull mix, with a lot of personality. He is the perfect dog for a family who wanted to have children, because of his gentle demeanor. Miles is now living with two talented musicians (husband and wife) who play classical music for the Opera. Thank you Subaru of Las Vegas for helping the community thrive, and for helping man and woman’s best friend (The Dogs) lead a happy life.

Sending Love Overseas  –  Melissa C

Thank You Subaru of Las Vegas for Sending Love Overseas. During COVID-19 our Military sons and daughters, their brothers, and sisters in arms are still under orders. Our continued support is needed for our US Military personnel, Active Duty, Reserves and Nevada National Guard deployed around the world. Due to travel restrictions and extended deployments most have missed more holidays without their families than usual. Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc., including our Nevada Chapter NV4, are completely funded by our community's support to accomplish our mission. Southern Nevada has felt the effects of COVID-19 therefore donations have been affected for our chapter. The Subaru of Las Vegas community involvement was welcomed especially this year for Blue Star Mothers NV4 to send “Easter Treats 4 Troops” It was an honor to work with the Subaru of Las Vegas family as many of their employees are from Military families and Veterans themselves. From February 8th through March 12th Subaru of Las Vegas hosted a nonperishable drive to collect donations throughout the community to send to our troops deployed abroad. Thanks to many community sponsors like: VONS, Albertsons, Smiths, Circa Salon, Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada, and nonprofit Charity Begins At Home Nevada, Subaru of Las Vegas was able to collect a variety of snacks, hygiene products, and other items to give to those overseas. On Saturday, March 13th Subaru of Las Vegas welcomed Blue Star Mothers of Henderson and Boulder City to the dealership to do a community pack with their Subaru employees. We spent the day setting up, and packing each Easter box. That following Monday we met at the United States Postal Service to unload all 200 Easter boxes, label each box, and watch our hard work and love start the journey to our troops overseas. Thanks to Subaru of Las Vegas 200 Military personnel will receive a special Easter box filled with Subaru love. Each Easter box had a Subaru bag, Subaru cooling towel, Subaru sunscreen, Subaru chap stick, socks, hygiene products, snacks, a box of playing cards, Girl Scout Cookies, Easter Peeps, and a handwritten letter from Subaru customers and employees. Their commitment and dedication to support those who serve through fundraising, packing, and shipping care packages overseas is praiseworthy. THANK YOU!! ☆☆☆☆You make a Mother Proud!! Blue Star Mothers of Henderson & Boulder City NV4Serving ALL ☆Las Vegas Valley ☆Southern Nevada

Smooch A Pooch  –  Kelley M

The Las Vegas Valley Humane Society cannot thank Subaru of Las Vegas enough for the generous donation for the month of February! Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, the Las Vegas Valley Humane Society was unable to host our annual Heart to Heart luncheon, which is our biggest fund raiser of the year! Subaru of Las Vegas found out about the cancellation of the event, and stepped up in a big way! During the month of February Subaru of Las Vegas came together, and donated fifty dollars for every car sold, and three-dollar for every oil change from February 1st through the 14th. Not only was Subaru helping us raise money, but Subaru of Las Vegas continued to share the love for our organization, and hosted a Smooch a Pooch event on February 13th at the dealership! We invited the community to come down and give their four-legged loved ones a Valentine’s Day they would not forget! We had a photo booth, games, and best of all DOGS! The event helped several of our pups find their forever home, and we were able to raise awareness of rescue dogs. After all the fun, Subaru of Las Vegas presented the Las Vegas Valley Humane Society with a donation for $6,931! This donation will help us continue to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home pets in Las Vegas. Thank you Subaru of Las Vegas for helping our rescue in a big way and being an amazing contributor to our community. Las Vegas Valley Humane Society loves Subaru of Las Vegas!

Not All Heroes Wear Capes! Subaru Hometown Hero  –  Sydney K

We believe a hero is anyone really intent about making the world a better place for all people. Subaru of Las Vegas is proud to recognize our front line workers that go above and beyond to make our community a home. Kristy Valdepena is our Subaru of Las Vegas Hometown Hero for the month for February. Kristy is beautiful inside and out, and is constantly striving to better herself in her line of work. Front line workers like Kristy truly make our community whole! “As a Father, we have always encouraged our children to strive for the best, and to always be compassionate in their drive to achieve their goals. Kristy as young as Elementary school has always wanted to be a Firefighter or Officer. To see her grow into an absolute beautiful and compassionate young woman, and achieve her goals has been a blessing to say the least. Kristy has now been with the department for 8 years and all through the challenges we have faced in 2020 she continued to work day in and day out. She held steadfast to her oath, and commitment and worked through the Covid restrictions at her facility and was still able managed her home life and work life while doing so, never breaking stride. It all culminated in her achieving and receiving The Nevada Department of Corrections Employee of the year for 2020. From the beginning of her journey, nothing came easy to her! Kristy earned every single moment to where she is now. I have always seen that strong will and commitment in her, but to see those traits shine through is a joy for us to see. Therefore, Kristy, her Husband, and two beautiful children are my selection for Hometown Hero of the Month.”

It Takes All Types To Save A Life!  –  Sara D

As the COVID-19 public health crisis continues, Subaru of Las Vegas continues to step up and help provide for our community. On February 26th, Subaru of Las Vegas hosted a blood drive with The American Red Cross. Every day, blood donors help patients of all ages: accident and burn victims, heart surgery and organ transplant patients, and those battling cancer. Our goal for the day was to collect twenty-five units of blood; we are so excited to announce that we collected thirty units! The American Red Cross also tested for blood, platelet and plasma donations for COVID-19 antibodies to help current coronavirus patients in need of convalescent plasma transfusions. Subaru of Las Vegas is committed to helping others in meaningful ways during this pandemic. We are grateful that we are able to work with The American Red Cross, and help save more lives than one.

When I needed a hand, I found a paw  –  Jaqueline M

During my first oil change at Subaru of Las Vegas back in October 2020, I found out about the Subaru Loves Pets initiative. Subaru of Las Vegas had partnered with the Animal Foundation to help find homes for adoptable dogs. At the time, I was not in a position in my life to take on the responsibility of owning a dog. With having just moved and starting a new job in the area, my heart was genuinely warmed by Subaru’s efforts, so I began following the Subaru of Las Vegas Instagram page (Subaru_LV). Just this past weekend, I came back to Subaru of Las Vegas for my second oil change. As I was sitting in the service center’s customer lounge waiting for my car to be serviced, I decided to pass the time by checking out their Instagram page once again. The latest post was of Subaru's 4 Legged Friends with the Nevada SPCA, and they featured Tosser from the day before. The video posted of this precious boy galloping around in the grass was the cutest thing. He was so happy, and playful, and CHUNKY! I fell in love with him immediately. Exactly four years prior to that day, on February 27th, 2017 I had to make one of the hardest decisions of my life, and let my first sweet boy go. He was 17 years old and still had the best attitude, but his health was failing. It has been very hard for me to want to let another dog into my life again since that day, but Tosser is such a sweet ol’ boy who reminded me so much of the baby I had to let go. Tosser revealed himself to me at the right time in my life, where I was prepared not only to love him, but also bare the inevitable pain that most dog owners face when having these great companions. I hope Tosser will love me and his new home as much as I already love him. Thank you to Nevada SPCA and Subaru of Las Vegas for helping me find my new best friend!

Subaru of Las Vegas Hometown Hero- January 2021  –  Emily D

This past year has shown us just how vital all of our frontline workers are. Through their constant sacrifices and late hours, they are always by our side ready to help. Subaru of Las Vegas along with our amazing community partners are proud to recognize Jared LeBaron as our Hometown Hero of the month for January! Jared works as a Corrections Officer for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Jared is constantly finding ways to better himself, and advance in his training for his job. He is a proud member of the Las Vegas jails SERT team, which required a strenuous academy in order to qualify. Not only does Jared serve as a Corrections Officer in our community, but he also serves for our great country. Jared has served in the US Army National Guard and has deployed to Kuwait, and is currently still active in the National Guard. Jared is constantly demonstrating hard work, and continues to have a smile on his face when he shows up for work, regardless of those tireless nights. Subaru of Las Vegas along with our community partners around the valley are proud to award Jared with a Subaru Road Trip to Casablanca Resort in Mesquite Nevada, with a round of golf or a Swedish massage for two. Lunch for his whole squad curtsey of Raising Canes, a custom flag from our friends at Custom Jacks, a one hundred dollar gift card to Bass Pro Shops, a date night for two at Board and Brush, as well as a twenty-five dollar gift certificate to Distill Local Bar, and a Day at the Ranch from local nonprofit Horses 4 Heroes. Congratulations Officer LeBaron, we appreciate your service to our community and country!

Salute Our Troops-February  –  Christopher Z

Subaru of Las Vegas along with Sinclair Broadcasting are proud to recognize those who put the life on the line for our country. Vito Tomasino enlisted in the USMC directly out of high school to "do his part" in the Korean War. After serving his time in the USMC, he knew he had to continue serving. Mr. Tomasino join the USAF and became a decorated fighter pilot, and served in more than 100 missions in Vietnam. He survived his time, and went on to serve in Europe and the Middle East! After 20+ years of serving, he ended his military career as a USAF Major! Throughout his time, and adventures Mr. Tomasino has written three books to document his time in the military! We are honored to award Vito Tomasino with our February Salute Our Troops award.

Salute Our Troops-January  –  Emily D

Subaru of Las Vegas, continues to support our local Veteran community. In partnership with Sinclair Broadcasting, and the Folded Flag Foundation we are proud to recognize our local heroes that go above and beyond. We are honored to award Andres Ortiz with this month’s Salute Our Troops Award. Andres began his military career in the eighties when he enlisted in the United States Navy. Andres served in the United States Navy for twenty one years, but his job didn’t stop there. After Andres retired from the military he took a job with Homeland Security. Andres continues to go above and beyond in his line of duty, but never forgets about the importance in life, family. Andres is a proud father and was able to see two of his three kids follow in his footsteps, and return home after deployment in the US Navy. We are beyond thankful for Andres’s service and sacrifice, and all that he continues to do to make sure our community is safe.

Helping Our Community One Tree at a Time  –  Bradley D

Under the Subaru Loves the Earth pillar, Subaru of Las Vegas hosted their first annual Christmas Tree Recycle Drive on January 9, 2021. Recycling a Christmas tree is extremely important to the environment, because Christmas trees are biodegradable and can be reused and recycled. When you recycle a Christmas tree it can be used for many purposes; the biggest purpose is to reuse the tree for mulch. Mulch is used to help protect plants against frost heaving in the winter, helps maintain moisture in the soil so plants don’t dry out, and also helps plants gain more nutrients. By protecting our plants we are helping protect the circle of life. Plants help convert our CO2 into clean and new oxygen. Without plants our community would lack a clean atmosphere, animals and insects would lose their homes, and eventually our Earth would die if people didn’t help protect and maintain our plant and animal life. Subaru of Las Vegas chipped over fifteen Christmas trees, and donated the mulch to the City of Las Vegas to be used in our community parks that need extra care! We were able to work with amazing community partners like Ryan’s Tree Care Services and Get Outdoors Nevada that share the same love for our community, and help us strive towards a cleaner and healthier environment!

Salute Our Troops-December  –  Emily D

Subaru of Las Vegas, continues to support our local Veterans throughout the community. In partnership with Sinclair Broadcasting and the Folded Flag Foundation, we are honored to recognize Dr. Adam Flood for his faithful service in the United States Air Force. Adam Flood served ten years as a pilot in the Air Force, before pursing his new path in Emergency Medicine. Adam went to medic school through the Air Force and became an ER doctor, and currently working at Nellis Air Force Base. Dr. Adam Flood retired in 2020 and looks back as his accomplishments and has no regrets. We thank Adam for his service in the United States Air Force, and for all Adam continues to do as an emergency medicine specialist. Subaru of Las Vegas wishes Adam and his family nothing but good health and many blessings in his next chapter in life.

Giving the gift of joy this holiday season  –  Charles S

Christmas time isn’t about opening presents, but about opening our hearts. Subaru of Las Vegas donated over fifty toys to the Stupak Community Center through the City of Las Vegas Deputy Marshals Department on December 15th. Subaru of Las Vegas hosted a toy drive through the month of November and December to collect toys; and we had an overwhelming response from the community that came in to donate. Over thirty one families were helped during the third annual Holiday Jubliee. During the pandemic many families around the community have lost their jobs due to the effects of COVID-19. In times like these the world and the community lean on each other to lend a helping hand. Subaru of Las Vegas wanted to help as many families as possible to ensure every child had a gift under the Christmas tree. Despite the circumstances, we still wanted families to bring home the Christmas magic. We are honored to be able to partner with our local first responders, and come together to give back to families in need.

What About The Little Picture?  –  Jennifer V

When I think about the Subaru Love Promise, the principals that guide us to give back to our community, I usually think about the big picture....but the question is, what about the little picture? The person right in front of me. You see, we're about a 70,000 square foot facility here at Subaru of Las Vegas, and it needs to be cleaned and sanitized every day to keep our customers and our staff safe. Even before the pandemic hit, this was a lot of place to keep clean. Well there's an amazing human who does that every day, not only without complaint but with heart and soul and a smile. Her name is Marisol Barrera. We call her, appropriately, Sol. You know, the Subaru Love Promise is all about giving from the heart. Sol does that, and we would love to return that heart and soul giving back to her. Sol has been cleaning the Subaru of Las Vegas facility for a few years now and has truly become a part of the family. She shows up every single day, waking up early to ensure she's here on time with a bright smile and a willing heart. While that sounds pretty simple and easy for most of us, it is not for Sol. The pandemic has created challenges that none of us expected. Sol wakes up each day, makes sure that her daughter has everything she needs for a full day of distance learning, then makes her way to work through public transportation. You see, Sol does not have a car, so not only does she have to wake up early to ensure she accounts for transportation time in the morning, she also takes public transportation home after a long and tiring day. The Subaru of Las Vegas team wanted to not only help make transportation easier for Sol, but also wanted her to know how much she is truly loved and valued as part of the team. The Fixed Operations Director and the Service Manager at Subaru of Las Vegas decided to take an abandoned Subaru Crosstrek that was found, make cosmetic and mechanical fixes, and gift this vehicle to Sol for the holidays. Not only was the Subaru Crosstrek gifted to her, but the team also came together as a family to raise enough money to cover taxes and insurance costs so that the gift did not turn into a burden for Sol. It could not have gone to a more deserving individual and the team at Subaru of Las Vegas is extremely honored to have Sol as part of our family. While she may come to work being her normal every day self, what Sol may not realize is how much she truly touches the hearts of every single person here and how she gives us a constant daily reminder of the love that surrounds us. This is the Subaru Love Promise.

Subaru Helps Rescue Christmas  –  Anthony B

To our friends at Subaru of Las Vegas, I am writing, with a heart full of thankfulness, for the toys you provided through your Christmas Toy Drive. This year has been harder than most can remember. The challenges that the community is experiencing, be it medical, professional, emotional, or otherwise, has brought many families what feels like the breaking point. The Salvation Army's role is, and has always been, to provide hope in places and spaces where hope feels non-existent. You have helped us make that happen. The toys provide by your group made it possible for multiply children to experience the miracle of Christmas this year; many of which may have otherwise gone without. We, as an organization, exist because of the generosity of people like yourselves. Not only does the Salvation Army thank you, but on a personal note, I thank you. We appreciate you participating in this years Angle Tree program, where families are able to pick a tag that represents one of the many children in need this year. We are thankful for the partnership we have created with Subaru of Las Vegas, and excited to see what the future holds for us.

Salute Our Troops-November  –  Emily D

Subaru of Las Vegas, in partnership with Sinclair Broadcasting and the Folded Flag Foundation, continue to support and salute our local Veterans. For the month of November, Subaru of Las Vegas is honored to recognize Stephen Seiden. Stephen joined the United States Army in the early 1960s.During his time in the Army, Stephen was placed in the Highly Specialized Army Core of Engineers. After the military, Stephen still had the heart to serve his people and country. He co-found Kline Veterans Fund here in Las Vegas. Kline continues to help veterans and their families through financial assistance. Kline also supports homeless, at-risk, and indigent Veterans. Veterans make up 10% of the homeless population nationwide, but here in Southern Nevada our Veteran homeless population is even higher. Thanks to Stephen and his team at Kline, we continue to support our Veterans. Thank you Stephen for your faithful service to our great Country, and constant passion to serve others. We are proud to recognize you for the month of November.

Wishes Come True At Subaru of Las Vegas  –  Sheila M

When I met Jennifer and Burton this past year, it was evident from our first conversation how passionate and committed they both are to supporting community efforts to help a wide variety of causes. From that initial conversation, I knew that Subaru of Las Vegas would play an integral role as a community partner for Make-A-Wish Southern Nevada and that you would make a huge impact on the life of a child who is battling a critical illness. This past week, through Lucas’ wish reveal, you proved me right! Words can’t express the gratitude we feel towards you and the entire Subaru of Las Vegas family for sponsoring Lucas’ wish to have a backyard playground and the incredible way you revealed his wish is coming true. By taking the time to learn about Lucas, his wish reveal was a one-of-a-kind experience that involved everything he loves. You and your team identified that one of his favorite memories was a fire fighter experience and reached out to the local fire department to participate at this every special event. Lucas was delighted to see the staff dressed as his favorite Disney characters and meeting Mickey Mouse. Going above and beyond our expectations, you reached out to his favorite candy company, Sour Patch Kids, and secured swag and a customized candy box. By putting your generosity and kindness into action, you created memories for Lucas and his family that will last a lifetime. I know first-hand that for a child who is battling a critical illness and their family, this will be the gift that will keep on giving. Now more than ever, hope is essential. With your support, we are committed to ensuring that no child waits even one unnecessary day to experience the hope and joy that a wish brings. Again, thank you for your creativity, thoughtfulness, generosity, and most importantly your support of our mission and children. Together, we can continue to be a light of hope throughout this time of crisis — and beyond. With much gratitude, Sheila Marcello - Corporate & Community Development Manager, Make-A-Wish Southern Nevada

First Responder of the Month-November  –  Emily D

As this year comes to an end, the job of our First Responders never end. Their dedication and sacrifice to the community do not go unnoticed. Subaru of Las Vegas and iHeartMedia want to salute those that go above and beyond all year long. This November we are honored to recognize four local heroes. Kristin Woods she works for mercy air out of Pahrump Nevada as a critical care flight paramedic she’s also a paramedic for community ambulance in Henderson Nevada she started out as an EMT and has worked her way up the ladder to become a flight critical care paramedic, and also works for CSN college teaching EMT and paramedic training. She has dedicated her life to helping and training, and Subaru of Las Vegas thanks Kristin for all she does. April Metz works tirelessly in the pediatric ward at St Rose Sienna on Eastern & St Rose. She worked countless extra hours to help pay for her two kid’s schooling and to put herself through nursing school. April always puts others ahead of herself and never asks for anything in return. Recently she was exposed to the Coronavirus due to lack of PPE and a co-workers error and still goes into work with an amazing attitude. She's kind, thoughtful and sincerely cares about her patients and her friends, family and those around her. She has had children pass away in front of her and yet still manages to have a sparkly and positive outlook each and every day and makes everyone around her happy. Steve is a 22 year member of the Clark County Fire Department, he is an engineer/paramedic. Steve has dedicated himself to the citizens of Clark County. For several years in a row Steve ran more calls than any other fire department personnel from any department county wide, averaging over 2000 calls. Steve teaches defensive driving and has been a mentor and preceptor for paramedics earning their certification on CCFD. Steve is a loving father of 4 kids and husband of 27 years. Steve continues to be a role model and example to all those around him. He is loved and respected by all those at CCFD. He loves his job. He loves CCFD and his co-workers. He loves being of service to the citizens of this community. Lastly, we are proud to recognize Lana Bagwell. Lana is a First Lieutenant in the Air force stationed here at Nellis AFB. She works as a nurse in the Covid-19 Floor of the critical care unit and is sacrificing her own health to take care of others. Her husband has also been deployed to Kuwait for the last 7 months and comes home at the end of August. She has shown incredible strength, love and dedication to her community during the pandemic and deserves to be recognized. Thank you to all that put their life on the line in order to ensure the health and safety of our community is top priority! You truly make our community a better place.

Hope for Heroes  –  Debra T

Subaru of Las Vegas continues to spread love throughout the community, and give back to those that are in need. Subaru of Las Vegas partnered with Channel 13 to sponsor the Hope for Our Heroes program. This amazing program allows the community to come together and provide much needed support to our veterans living in Clark County this holiday season. Subaru of Las Vegas is constantly there for our community, and we wanted to help give thanks to all of our veterans that sacrificed so much for our great country. Without the bravery of these amazing men and women, we would not have the freedom we have today. During COVID-19 our veterans in assisted living homes have been unable to see their families and celebrate the holidays together, so together with KTNV 13 Action News we partnered with Honor Flight Southern Nevada and Kline Veterans Fund to hand deliver care packages to our veterans across Las Vegas. From Pahrump to Boulder City Subaru of Las Vegas was there to make sure all of our local veterans were saluted. Not only did Subaru of Las Vegas donate 300 Subaru face masks, but also had Subaru employees and customers hand write thank you letters to our local veterans. On Veterans Day Subaru of Las Vegas, and our other community partners hand delivered over 100 care packages to four different veteran assisted living homes to honor them, and thank each veterans for their service. Thank you veterans for stepping forward, when people stepped back. Thank you for placing yourself between us and danger. Thank you for serving our country, and protecting our freedoms. Subaru of Las Vegas salutes all the men and women that have sacrificed for our freedom today and every day.

More Than Just A Customer  –  Jen E

On 11/4/2020, a customer came to the store with the Crosstrek him and his wife had purchased from us. He asked to speak with his original sales associate, Tom Watkins. The customer was in tears and shared that the pandemic has hit his family really hard. He has been out of work for 8 months and was down to his last $20. The customer had already deferred his payment and stated the bank was not willing to do any further deferments. He shared with Tom that he was going to have to let the vehicle go. Tom immediately partnered with myself asking what we could do to help his customer out. We decided to appraise his vehicle to see if we could buy it back from him instead of it being repossessed. When we appraised his vehicle and compared it to his payoff, there was a gap of over $1600. Tom knew the customer wouldn’t be able to pay the difference and started brain storming how we could help. It was Tom’s effort and genuine care for the customer that made me decide to take some partnerships to over pay for the vehicle. I partnered with Scott (GSM) and Jenny (Used Car Manager) and had Tom tell them his customers story. We decided that this was an opportunity to live the love promise by buying the car back from the customer for his bank payoff. We also decided to not deduct his product cancellations from the amount we paid for the vehicle so the customer could get some extra cash back during his time of need. When Tom shared with the customer our plan he became very emotional. He was extremely grateful to Tom and Subaru of Las Vegas for helping him. We could see the relief the customer experienced from having one less thing to worry about. Tom’s care for his customer went above and beyond. As a salesman, one of Tom’s priorities is selling cars but he stayed with this customer for almost 2 hours knowing there would be no sale in the end. He was also an advocate for his customer, not allowing anyone to give up until a solution was found.

Eye Care 4 Kids  –  Stephanie K

On behalf of the staff and Board of Trustees of Eye Care 4 Kids, we extend our deepest gratitude to all of you for the outstanding sales campaign you created on behalf of our organization, Subaru of Las Vegas donated $50 for every new and used car sold between October 15th and November 15th! Having just learned about Eye Care 4 Kids, we are incredibly humbled that you chose to invest your time, resources and dollars with us. Your partnership truly shows that when you recognize an organization providing a service to those in need in our community, you instinctually focus your efforts on figuring out how to support that cause. Included in the month-long fundraising campaign was your invitation to have us bring SeeMore, the Eye Care 4 Kids Mobile Vision Clinic, out to the dealership to provide vision services to our patients! Due to Covid-19, our ability to utilize SeeMore has decreased considerably as we are unable to go to schools during the week. The opportunity to get “the big guy” back out on the road made us, and our patients, very happy! On October 24th, we saw fifteen patients and provided them all with a vision screening and eye exam. Out of those fifteen patients, we will be providing eleven pairs of prescription eyeglasses. On November 7th, we saw twelve patients for vision services and will provide ten pairs of eyeglasses. The $13,000 donation received from Subaru of Las Vegas will provide hundreds of young patients in our community with the opportunity to see clearly. At Eye Care 4 Kids, high prescriptions cost $50.00and low-to-medium prescriptions cost $35.00. With more low-to-medium prescriptions, we average the cost to $40.00, which will support up to 325 students in need with a vision screening, eye exam and a pair of prescription eyeglasses. When an average visit to the optometrist for an exam and eyeglasses costs between $300-$500, this is often an expense that cannot be absorbed by a family on a fixed income. If there are multiple children in the family who require eyeglasses, as well as parents, it becomes financially unattainable. We know that early identification of a vision issue for a child can be crucial to that child’s development and successful education. We also know that 80% of all learning takes place visually in the first 12years of life and that 1 in 4 need some type of corrective lenses. If we are not identifying and addressing vision issues early, the consequences are significant. Children with unidentified vision diagnoses may fall behind academically, exhibit behavior problems, experience social isolation, develop headaches, etc. Corrected vision can, quite simply, change the trajectory of a young student’s life. While the mission of Eye Care 4 Kids is to provide professional eyecare to low-income, visually impaired children and underserved families, our true objectives are to combat poverty, poor academic performance and poor quality 6150 W.SMOKE of life in our communities as they relate to vision impairment. Eye Care 4 Kids is changing children’s lives and giving them an increased chance at success. We recognize there are so many worthy organizations in our community and we humbly thank you again for choosing to place your precious dollars in our hands. We look forward to building upon this cherished friendship and partnership in the future!

Subaru Loves Pets-Halloween Hounds  –  Ashley W

It’s amazing how much love and laughter dogs bring into our lives. Subaru of Las Vegas partnered with the Animal Foundation for the month of October to help our local underdogs get out of the shelter, and into loving forever homes. For the month of October, Subaru of Las Vegas was covering the adoption fee in support of Subaru Loves Pets Month. Every Friday the Animal Foundation was on site with our underdogs determined to find their forever homes! We are so happy to announce that we reached our goal of getting 31 animals adopted for the month of October. Subaru of Las Vegas with the help of Subaru of America covered the adoption fees for 31 pets which comes out to be $3,100.00! Not only did our love stop there, but Subaru of Las Vegas also hosted a blanket drive to help our shelters prepare for winter! With the help of the community we were able to donate over 50 blankets to our local shelters. As October came to end, Subaru of Las Vegas wanted to continue to spread love and celebrate our underdogs! On October 31st, Subaru of Las Vegas hosted a Halloween Hounds Adoption and Trunk or Treat event sponsored by Sam & Ash Injury Law. Subaru of Las Vegas invited the community to come trunk or treat, and open their hearts to our underdogs from these local animal shelters: The Animal Foundation, Las Vegas Valley Humane Society, Pawsitive Difference, Heaven Can Wait Animal Society, and the Nevada SPCA. Our goal was to help as many underdogs find new loving homes, and we are excited to announce that 18 dogs were able to find their forever families! Not only did our dogs walk away with new homes, but Sam & Ash Injury Law donated a $1000.00 to each animal shelter onsite! During the pandemic many animal shelters lost their funding to help with the COVID-19 relief funds and have been struggling to secure donations and federal funding this year. With the generous donation that Sam & Ash gave, each animal shelter will be able to help many more animals get the proper care they need. Subaru of Las Vegas also hosted a booth decoration contest amongst the shelters, and The Las Vegas Valley Human Society walked away with another $1000.00 donation courtesy of Subaru of Las Vegas! Subaru of Las Vegas was able to partner with our local Smiths around the community to get candy donated for our trunk or treat, and also partnered with our local pet smart, who donated 80 dog treats so each dog had the chance to show off their costumes and go trunk or treating! We are so lucky to have community partners that care so deeply about our local underdogs. Also, a very big thank you to Sam & Ash Injury Law for sponsoring our Halloween Hounds event, and donating a total of $5000.00 to our local animal shelters. Subaru of Las Vegas was able to help 43 animals get out of the shelter, and into loving homes with loving families. Love starts with a wet nose and ends with a wagging tail!

Salute Our Troops-October  –  Jennifer V

Subaru of Las Vegas, in partnership with Sinclair Broadcasting and the Folded Flag Foundation, continue to support and salute our local Veterans. For the month of October, Subaru of Las Vegas is proud to recognize Juan Moreno. Juan began his military career in the United States Marine Corps, where he received one of the toughest assignments, the Vietnam War. It was there that Juan was pushed to overcome many rigorous obstacles. After the war, Juan knew he wasn’t done serving his country. Juan enlisted in the U.S. Army there he completed 26 years in the United States Military. Now Juan continues to serve his community and help educate our future leaders. Mr. Moreno has been a special education teacher at Rancho High school for the last 20 years. Subaru of Las Vegas is honored to present Juan with the Salute Our Troop award for October. We would like to thank Juan for his bravery, and sacrifice to our great country. Thank you for helping mold our future leaders!

First Responder of the Month-October  –  Emily D

You always hear the saying that “not all heroes wear capes,” and in our city our heroes put on badges, put on their white coats, hop in a fire engine, and race towards the danger. Every day these brave men and women put their life on the line to ensure we have the chance to see another day. Subaru of Las Vegas and iHeartMedia are proud to recognize four valiant leaders as our First Responders of the month for October. Victor Jordan was nominated by his wife on 93.1 The Mountain. Victor Jordan works for the Nevada Department of Wildlife. He was nominated because often times the Nevada Department of Wildlife gets overlooked as law enforcement. Victor deserves to be recognized because even though temperatures can reach 120 degrees, he is out there to keep people safe, save lives, and wildlife. He sacrifices his life when he goes on his patrol boat on Lake Mead, Lake Mojave, or on the river in Laughlin and comes home exhausted and overheated, but he loves it. He loves what he does and will be the best officer that he can be. Officer Travis Smaka was picked as our first responder for 95.5 The Bull. Travis Smaka is a State Trooper for the Nevada Highway Patrol, and one of the officers racing to the Mandalay Bay during the One October tragedy. Officer Smaka was flagged down by a truck carrying victims of the mass shooting. One of the victims was a young woman who was suffering from severe arterial bleeding and nerve damage. Travis was able to get her to UMC trauma in time for her to undergo lifesaving surgery. Since that night, Trooper Smaka has become a Public Information Officer for NHP and is dedicated to public outreach and assisting charities such as the Special Olympics, the Donor Network, Adopt a Cop, Vitalent, shop with a Cop, Zero Teen Fatalities, Stop DUI, Drivers Edge as well as joining other State Troopers every year and bringing presents to hospitalized children for Christmas then handing blankets out to the city’s homeless. Our REAL 103.9 first responder of the month is Christopher Jalandon, who is an RN at Spring Valley Hospital. He serves with compassionate and makes sure his patients have the best care. During the pandemic he was constantly working longer hours, and always came home to take care of his family. Lastly, we have Bill Langholz, Bill is our first responder for Sunny 106.5. Bill has been a pilot with Mercy Air for nearly 20 years. Not only is Bill a great helicopter pilot, but he is professional, compassionate, a great leader and always humble. He has been an outstanding first responder and he has served Las Vegas, Clark County, and surrounding areas with pride. We appreciate all the hard work and time these men have dedicated to our community. We salute you today, and every day moving forward.

Swing Fore Seniors!  –  Nina G

Helping Hands of Vegas Valley is a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life for senior citizens, and their families in order to maintain their dignity and independence. Subaru of Las Vegas supported Helping Hands of Vegas Valley by participating in the 5th Annual Swing Fore Seniors Golf Tournament on October 23rd,2020. Subaru of Las Vegas donated a "Subaru Fun in the Sun Las Vegas Road Trip Package" to help fundraiser during their silent auction. Subaru of Las Vegas was able to work with community partners to put together the ultimate silent auction prize! Subaru of Las Vegas teamed up with the Casablanca Resort to donate a two-night stay, with two rounds of golf or two massages! Subaru of Las Vegas also was able to donate a $100 gift card to Sinclair gas stations to pay for all their fuel, and snacks for the road trip ahead. To top it off the winners were able to drive to the Casablanca in style! Subaru of Las Vegas provided a two-day Subaru rental vehicle! We also put together the ultimate Subaru swag bag! Helping Hands of Vegas Valley was able to raise more than $10k to help our seniors get the care and services they deserve. We are so lucky to be able to partner with amazing non-profit organizations like Helping Hands of Vegas Valley, and come together to create a difference in our community.

Swing Fore Seniors  –  Bob C

Subaru of Las Vegas was thrilled to be a part of the first-ever Swing Fore Safe Homes Golf Tournament benefiting Rebuilding Together Southern Nevada! Subaru of Las Vegas sponsored the hole in one contest, were golfers had a chance to win a new Subaru! Rebuilding Together Southern Nevada has been working to keep our neighbors safe in their homes for the last 26 years! Rebuilding Together Southern Nevada is a nonprofit organization that provides critical home repairs for low-income seniors, veterans, and individuals with disabilities. Rebuilding of Southern Nevada raised over $27,000 to help families get the repairs they deserve. We are so thankful we were able to be a part of Swing Fore Safe Homes, and help bring awareness to Rebuilding Together Southern Nevada and help make a difference in our community.

Are you smarter than Mike and Carla  –  Logan W

Subaru of Las Vegas and 96.3 KKLZ hosted, "Are you smarter than Mike and Carla". We know that learning may be a little more challenging this year since schools are closed. That's why Subaru of Las Vegas wanted to help remind kids that learning can be fun! Through our Subaru Loves Learning pillar, Subaru of Las Vegas encouraged kids to put their knowledge to the ultimate test against morning show hosts Mike and Carla! Kids had the opportunity to win a Google Chromebook and an autograph football from Jalen Richard from the Las Vegas Raiders. Congratulations to Hunter Anderson who was our grand winner of "Are you smarter than Mike and Carla". On Saturday Hunter and his family came to Subaru of Las Vegas and had the opportunity to do a meet and greet with Jalen Richards, get an autographed football, and take home a brand new Chromebook! We wish Hunter the best of luck in his studies and encourage him to continue to expand his knowledge.

Honoring Our First Responders-September 2020  –  Bernadine W

Subaru of Las Vegas partnered with iHeartMedia Las Vegas to help honor the men and women that go above and beyond for our city. For the month of September, we are honored to recognize Fire Fighter Kyle Anderson, Police Officer Dana Alley, EMT Leslie Shaffer, and Police Officer Dana Alley. Each one of these amazing people has made a difference in our community and in someone's life. We would like to thank them for all of their hard work, and constant sacrifice. Kyle Anderson was a firefighter with the Clark County Fire Department. After 27 years of serving the community and choosing a life of service, Kyle Anderson has finally retired! We wish him the best of luck in the next chapter of his life. Dana Alley is a Metropolitan Police Officer that has been on the department for over 21 years. Four years ago Dana was diagnosed with cancer in his kidney. During his treatments, Dana continued to go to work and never lost a positive attitude. Recently, Dana was told the cancer had spread to his brain. Dana continues to fight, and be an inspiration to others. We wish him the best of luck during his battle and thank him for his years of service. Scott Pastore is another police officer based in Boulder City. During quarantine officer Pastore would ride his horse to senior homes to help spread cheer through the neighborhood. Officers like Scott help inspire us to spread kindness and remind us that the smallest act of kindness can help change a person's day. Lastly, we would like to honor EMT Leslie Shaffer. Leslie has been a paramedic for AMR for 15 years. Not only is she a paramedic, but she also helps teach new EMT's Stop the Bleed Classes at the local community college. Leslie has taught over 11,000 students. Leslie, thank you for stepping up, and making a difference in our community. To all the men and women who help protect and serve our community, thank you!

Las Vegas Healing Garden Subaru Clean Up  –  Aaron L

On October 1, 2017 tragedy struck our city. During a Route 91 concert, we lost 58 lives from a mass shooting. Instead of our city falling to the ground, our community rose from the darkness and created light. In a matter of weeks, the community and volunteers came together and built the Healing Garden. Three years later the Healing Garden stands strong and reminds a place of beauty and peace. Subaru of Las Vegas volunteered to help clean the garden by helping wipe down memorials, pick up trash, clean the pathways, and plant new flowers to inspire hope. The Healing Garden has 58 trees planted to represent the 58 lives that were taken to soon. Today, Subaru of Las Vegas planted a flower by each tree in remembrance. We are so grateful to be a part of a community that has so much strength and resilience. Many lives were affected by Route 91 including many of our staff members. We hope that we are able to make a difference, and help inspire others to volunteer throughout the community. We will never forget the events that took place on October 1st, and we will always carry the 58 that are no longer with us in our hearts.

75th Anniversary of WW2 Commemorative Procession  –  Belinda M

On September 2, 2020 Subaru of Las Vegas participated in the Honor Flight Southern Nevada's 75th Anniversary of WW2 Commemorative Procession. The Honor Flight of Southern Nevada is a non-profit organization with the mission of escorting World War 2, Korean War, and Vietnam War veterans to the memorials in Washington D.C. that are dedicated to those who risked their lives for America's freedom. Due to Covid- 19 all flights for 2020 have been canceled, but that didn't stop the community from coming together to honor our veterans, and celebrate the 75th anniversary of WW2 ending! The Honor Flight of Southern Nevada created a parade that started from Downtown Las Vegas and traveled past the Las Vegas Strip .It was an honor to be able to participate in this parade alongside so many others that support our veterans. We salute all the veterans that put their life on the line to help gain freedom for our beautiful country. Your bravery and sacrifice do not go unnoticed, and Subaru of Las Vegas thanks you for your dedication and service, because of our veterans we get to call America home!

Feed The Valley Donation Drive  –  Yvette R

Subaru of Las Vegas is teaming up with Fox 5 to help bring awareness and support families by being a part of the Feed the Valley Donation Drive. Now more than ever people are in need of food because of distance learning and record high unemployment rates. Many people rely on school lunches to help feed their children, but with small donations, you can make a big impact. One dollar has the opportunity to create three meals! By the end of the year food and security will increase by 58% in our city. If the community comes together with small donations, we will be able to help families across the valley. Throughout the pandemic, Subaru of Las Vegas has continued to give back and inspire others to do the same! Thank you to everyone that has took the time to go out and donate, and help change a family's life! The support of the community is unbelievable, and we are so proud to call Las Vegas home!

Subaru Loves Pets!  –  Richard V

On Friday, August 28th Subaru of Las Vegas teamed up with the Las Vegas Valley Humane Society to help get animals out of the shelter, and into their forever homes! Our goal was to help get five huskies adopted and placed into loving homes. We are proud to announce that all huskies now have a place to call home! Subaru of Las Vegas gifted each family a Subaru pet starter kit! Each kit had dog toys, dog wipes, dog bowl, Subaru leash, Subaru blanket, and much more. Being able to host adoption events on-site helps fill the dealership with love and joy. Not only are we helping animals find their forever homes, but we are also helping grow families! An animals love is unconditional, and that's what Subaru of Las Vegas has for our community and all animals!

Honoring Our First Responders  –  Joel G

For the month of August Subaru of Las Vegas and iHeartMedia are honored to recognize our local unsung heroes. Men and women constantly serve our community, and ask for nothing in return. Every month we ask people to submit stories of a first responder that has made a difference in their life. This month we recognize Georgia Tabudlong, Curtis Weske, Michael Coleman, and Julie Torremoro. These people have made a difference in our community and in our lives. Georgia is a registered nurse at Summerlin Hospital and is constantly going above and beyond to make sure patients are getting the care they deserve. Curtis Weske is a Henderson Police Officer who battled cancer and won! He didn't let cancer get him down, instead he continued to show up to work with a smile on his face! Michael Coleman is also a Henderson Police Officer that created a program to help teach our first responders how to properly and safely interact with anyone who has special needs. His program has made a huge difference in the community and continues to inspire people to be kind to everyone. Lastly, we honor Julie Torremoro who is a registered nurse at Spring Valley Hospital throughout her hectic schedule she is constantly finding donations for the hospital, and ways to get more involved in the community. Thank you for going above and beyond in our community and being an inspiration to many. We honor you today, and every day moving forward!

Salute Our Troops  –  Emily D

Subaru of Las Vegas and Fox 5 salute Richard Carreon for all of his hard work and dedication. Richard Carreon served in our United States Army, and it was there that Richard became a chemical weapon specialist, and included deployments in the middle east. Richard has been recognized multiply times, and received a bronze star with valor and a purple heart. Richard continues to dedicate his time to helping those that have also served in our United States military, and struggle with suicide. He started his own nonprofit; The Nevada Veterans Association were he helps bring together veteran's and their families. Richard Carreon is a true American hero, and Subaru of Las Vegas is honored to recognize him. Thank you for your faithful service to our country and the United States Army, you continue to go above and beyond to help make a difference in our world.

Subaru Supports Small Local Non-Profit  –  Cindy T

Subaru's Share the Love Campaign under the “Subaru Cares” Umbrella supports local small non-profit organizations! The concept is to show hope and a silver lining for small local non-profits who have been affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic. Each week, listeners were asked to go to 96.3 KKLZ station website and the 720 KDWN website to submit a non-profit for the opportunity to win a $5k advertising grant across the Beasley Media radio stations in Las Vegas! Subaru of Las Vegas knows the challenges of operating a business during the pandemic, and as a part of Subaru Loves to Care we want to help local small non-profits by providing a $5,000 advertising grant on Beasley radio stations to help create awareness of the need in the community. We are proud to announce that Lighthouse Charities of Las Vegas won the $5,000 advertising grant! The Lighthouse Charities' mission is to assist families and individuals who are transitioning out of Welfare, at-risk individuals and low-income families, and recent legal immigrants in becoming self-reliant. Lighthouse Charities offer workforce training programs, education classes, and ELL classes to help families adjust to the community and have the opportunity to be successful! Subaru of Las Vegas is proud to help bring the community together, and help our local non-profit organizations!

Conversation With Wish Moms  –  Sheila M

On August 20th Subaru of Las Vegas had the honor of sponsoring Conversations with Wish Moms, which is a Make-A-Wish Southern Nevada fundraiser. This was an extremely amazing event, that ended in an even better surprise! We were able to listen to 3 different wish moms journeys, as they described the challenges of raising kids with illnesses and most importantly what it means to have their wish granted! By the end of the night with the help of Subaru of Las Vegas and their $10,000 donation we were able to help grant Felicia's wish to go to Atlantis, Bahamas. Felicia is an 11 year old girl and was diagnosed with cancer in her leg. Felicia was given the choice to amputate her leg and clear cancer, or keep her leg and fight. She decided to fight, and we are so proud of her. Through chemotherapy, starting school in a wheelchair, losing her hair, and going to countless doctors appointments she always maintained a smile. We wish Felicia the best time in Atlantis, and we are so thankful we were able to help make her wish come true!

Supply Our Students Drive  –  Sergio R

Subaru of Las Vegas teamed up with Fox 5 News to support our local Salvation Army, to help supply our students! Subaru of Las Vegas donated 20 Subaru love bags! Our hopes are that these backpacks will bring happiness and joy in each child’s life! Each backpack has a box of crayons to help inspire children to color the world and make it their own. Education is the most powerful tool to help change the world, and we know that learning this year may be a little different, but we encourage every child to continue to always try their best and expand their knowledge! We are so proud to be a part of the Las Vegas community, even in dark times, our community came together and helped raised a total of $67,081.00 for our students! Subaru is proud to support the community and our students!

Mike and Carla's 4th Annual Project H2O Drive  –  Emily D

Subaru of Las Vegas partnered with 96.3 KKLZ for the 4th Annual Project H2O drive, benefiting the Las Vegas Salvation Army! We were encouraging our community to come to Subaru of Las Vegas and donate a case of water for those in need. We know that families have been struggling during these unpredicted times, and we want to make sure we are doing everything we can to help support the families of our community! As the summertime came rolling in, our community really stepped up to show support. Even during stressful times people continued to find the time and love to come and donate! We are Vegas strong!

Thank You Thursday's!  –  Emily D

Every day men and women who work in our health care systems and law enforcement departments, risk their lives in order to protect the people of the Las Vegas community. Subaru of Las Vegas and Port of Subs have teamed up to salute our local frontline heroes through our Thank You Thursday program! Each Thursday Subaru of Las Vegas and Port of Subs travel to different hospitals, fire stations, and police departments to surprise our front line heroes with lunch courtesy of Port of Subs. We want to say thank you to those who show strength, courage, compassion, and dedication to serve the Las Vegas community. For the month of July Subaru of Las Vegas and Port of Subs surprised: Clark County Fire Station 50, Henderson West Police Department, Centennial Hills Hospital, and lastly Clark County Fire Station 22. From all of us at Subaru of Las Vegas, we want to say thank you for your constant hard work and devotion to helping people in need. During these uncertain times Subaru of Las Vegas continues to shed light through the community, and ensure that Las Vegas stands strong! Together, we can make a difference to make the world a better place, one Thursday at a time!

Thank You Vegas for Helping Us To Save Lives!  –  Sara D

When the pandemic hit, American Red Cross really didn't know how it would affect blood donations. American Red Cross experienced a blood shortage and was in immediate need. Subaru of Las Vegas partnered with FOX 5 to put out an urgent call and 140 appointments were set for blood donations that took place at Subaru of Las Vegas on July 1st. Subaru of Las Vegas was honored to host this event and was honored to be part of the solution of blood shortage. The efforts of FOX 5 and Subaru of Las Vegas resulted in 143 units of blood collected and 74 first time donors. Thank you Vegas, for coming out!

Honoring Our First Responders  –  Jennifer V

As our city makes adjustments to its services due to the most recent updates with COVID-19, our local heroes are called on more than ever. Our First Responders truly are special people and we can’t thank them enough for what they do! iHeartMedia and Subaru of Las Vegas are proud to honor our local heroes monthly. Congratulations to Jeff Martin, Kristin Peters, Eric Hutchason, Dana Marks, Ronald Tucker, and Steve Katich for being recognized by the community as First Responder of the Month and for having the heart and courage to serve!

Pray for Shay  –  Jennifer V

On June 1st, Las Vegas Metro Officer Shay Mikalonis was injured while on duty. Since that night he has been fighting for his life at UMC. Shay is a customer of Subaru of Las Vegas, so we partnered with 95.5 The Bull to create a book filled with the positive messages for Shay from the community. 255 pages (front and back!) later... every single message was delivered! Officer Shay Mikalonis and his family would like to thank each and every person who wrote “Get Well” messages. Subaru of Las Vegas is continuing to pray for Shay.

Stop Summer Slide With Super Summer Rise  –  Jennifer V

Subaru of Las Vegas has partnered with KTNV's 13 Connects Super Summer Rise program as a resource for learning, engaging and educating Las Vegas kids while school is not available to them. The local children are on an extended break for school, but that does not have to mean a break for their brains! By joining forces with community education partners including Spread the Word Nevada, Clark County School District, The Library District, YMCA, Green Our Planet, DISCOVERY Children’s Museum, and the United Way of Southern Nevada to offer Online Learning and Offline learning tools as well as Story Time Readings, we hope to combat the summer learning loss issue that puts our children at risk of falling significantly behind in education levels.

Saluting Our Local Troops  –  Jennifer V

Subaru of Las Vegas, in partnership with Sinclair Broadcasting and the Folded Flag Foundation, continue to do great things to show what the amazing Veterans do for our local community. For the month of June, Subaru of Las Vegas is honored to recognize Jericho Gozum. Born in the Philippines and welcomed to the U.S. through the Navy, he completed two tours of duty during the Gulf War. After his service, he started the non-profit Veterans Helping Veteran support group. Subaru of Las Vegas is proud to present Jericho with the Salute Our Troop award for June. Thank you, Jericho, for your faithful service to our country and for all you continue to do with the Vets Helping Vets Support Group. What an amazing blessing Jericho is to so many others and for that, we salute him!

Recognizing Academic Excellence  –  Jennifer V

Subaru of Las Vegas partnered with The Las Vegas Review-Journal on their Academic Excellence program for its second year. The program recognized one student per grade (1st - 12th) in Southern Nevada who exhibited academic achievement, community involvement, citizenship and leadership in and out of the classroom. With over 500 entries, it was hard to pick just twelve kids! Subaru of Las Vegas and The Las Vegas Review-Journal spent two days on the road visiting each student to congratulate them and present them with a custom Academic Excellence Award and a $500 cash prize. Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you to everyone who participated!

Celebrating The Class of 2020!  –  Bernadine W

The graduating class of 2020 has had a unique experience to say the least. With prom and graduation having been cancelled, Subaru of Las Vegas wanted to recognize the hard work and accomplishments of each high school senior. Partnered with iHeartMedia, Subaru of Las Vegas invited the community to honor Las Vegas graduates with personalized on-air shout outs of high school seniors around the valley. Burton Hughes, General Manager of Subaru of Las Vegas, also gave a personalized message that played through the radio airwaves: "Congratulations from Subaru of Las Vegas to the history-making graduating class of 2020! There's never been a class quite like yours, so stay epic as you keep learning, growing, exploring, and changing the world!"

Remembered as a Hero - Joseph Wilcox  –  Andy L

Joseph Wilcox was a good man in the wrong place, at the wrong time, who tried to do the right thing. Two Las Vegas police officers were shot and killed in an ambush while on their lunch break at Cicis Pizza six years ago. Joseph Wilcox also died while trying to stop the shooters in a nearby Walmart. Subaru of Las Vegas had the pleasure of meeting Joseph's mother, Debra, as part of a community outreach to help those who were negatively impacted by the affects of COVID-19. As the sixth anniversary of this shooting approached, Subaru of Las Vegas wanted to let Debra know that her son was not forgotten. Teaming up with Custom Jacks and 96.3 KKLZ, we visited Debra to present her with a beautifully hand-made work of art in honor of Joseph. Remembered and never forgotten.

Banking On Love with American Red Cross  –  Sara D

The American Red Cross is so grateful to all our partners that continue to stand with us through the evolution of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). Hundreds of thousands of donors and blood drive hosts have responded to the call to support the lifesaving mission and we can't thank you enough! Subaru of Las Vegas's commitment to host a blood drive with the Red Cross truly made a difference! Subaru of Las Vegas registered 26 total donors, collected 32 pints of blood and recruited 3 first-time donors. Your efforts have helped boost the community blood supply and ensure hospital patients have the lifesaving blood they need. Thank you for your gifts of time and support. We truly appreciate your generosity. The patients who have benefited from the blood collected at your blood drive are beyond grateful.

Subaru Loves to Help During COVID-19  –  Logan W

Subaru of Las Vegas teamed up with 96.3 KKLZ amidst the initial onset of COVID-19 in efforts to help those in the community who were negatively impacted when Las Vegas officially turned out the lights for the safety of the city. Stay-at-home orders left many without employment, resulting in Nevada having the highest unemployment rate in the nation. Subaru of Las Vegas wanted to put a little bit of hope back into the city, so four four-weeks, we set out to deliver $250 worth of groceries per family to those impacted by business closures or layoffs. In a perfect world, hunger would be history and hope would be universal. It all starts with acts of love for others to follow!

Share The Love Event - DISCOVERY Children's Museum  –  Melissa K

Thank you for your generous support of DISCOVERY Children’s Museum. We are truly grateful for your gift of $24,697.14 via check #1731239 in recognition of the 2019 Share the Love Campaign. We are honored to have been chosen as one of your local charity partners, and thank you for your continued commitment to children through Subaru Loves Learning. As a nonprofit organization, we rely on funds from donors like you to ensure DISCOVERY Children’s Museum can serve the children and families of our community for years to come. Although our physical doors may be closed, we have transitioned to provide educational programming online through the creation of our newly established At Home DISCOVERIES program. This digital program can be found on our website as well as all social media channels, and allows children to continue learning from home, while providing significant tools to our parents, teachers, and community at large. Your donation remains an important investment in education in Southern Nevada and allows us to continue to serve as a vital community resource. On behalf of our dedicated team and Board of Trustees, thank you. Your generosity helps ignite a lifelong love of learning!

Share The Love Event - Red Rock Search & Rescue  –  Donald M

Subaru, thank you so much for the donation of $31,801.94 that you sent us as part of the Share the Love Event. We are incredibly grateful for your support now and over the last several years. Thanks to your generous donation, we are able to continue to fund our internal programs. These include purchasing CPR mannequins, medical supplies, insurance for our Mobile Command Post vehicle, gasoline for our team trucks, maps, software, computers, and office supplies. Your donation helps us serve our Las Vegas community so that we can find missing and lost loved ones. To date, RRSAR has gone on 503 missions and contributed more than 195,000 volunteer hours to the community. The team consists entirely of volunteers who train to the highest standards. We could not do this without your generous support. Thank you again from all of us at Red Rock Search and Rescue!

Subaru of Las Vegas Cares  –  Robert B

TAKE 5 TO CARE is KVVU FOX5’s year-round commitment to Southern Nevada, designed to educate and involve Las Vegas families with issues that affect our children, neighbors, and our community. Since 2004, FOX5 and its partners have helped raise over $76 million dollars for local non-profits and have created and supported hundreds of local events and initiatives, lending help where it's needed and giving families places and reasons to spend quality time together. “Subaru of Las Vegas has been a community champion of Take 5 to Care for the last 5 years and we consider their staff to be family. Their Love Promise matches the heart and soul of our station and our signature community initiative, Take 5 to Care,” Terri Peck, KVVU FOX5 Station Manager. Together, FOX5 and Subaru of Las Vegas create and sponsor more than 24 local events each year supporting local charities like Opportunity Village, March of Dimes, The Animal Foundation, American Red Cross, Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation and Three Square. We invite you and your family to join us and be part of Take 5 to Care’s monthly events and initiatives.

Red Rock Search and Rescue  –  Donald M

Red Rock Search and Rescue and the Las Vegas community have both benefited greatly from the SUBARU Share the Love donations to our Team! In 2019 to date, we have been deployed on 101 official agency search missions. 75% are with Las Vegas METRO police (METRO SAR, Missing Persons and Homicide), with the remaining missions assisting the Bureau of Land Management at Red Rock Canyon, Mt. Charleston and Lake Mead, Clark County Coroner's office, Boulder City PD, Henderson PD and North Las Vegas PD.We have also worked with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Air Force. Our entire team and management is comprised of 275 active volunteers, who each put in a minimum of 60 hours per year, in addition to their personal required SAR certifications. Our total volunteer hours to date for 2019 is 30,125! Utilizing the Share the Love donations, we are able to cover some of our basic needs such as our mandatory SAR insurance, fuel and maintenance on our SAR vehicles; without these basics we would not be able to search. In addition, we have acquired state of the art GPS tracking and communications devices that allow the Command Post staff to track the search teams in the wilderness in near real time. This allows for a much higher level of safety for the volunteers as well as provide precise locations when we locate a missing or injured person, and need to extract them via helicopter or ground medical resources. We have also expanded our medical first aid and CPR training to the public including teaching special classes for blind students, Boy Scout and Hiking group leaders and others. Our Hug A Tree children's hiking training classes have expanded into schools and community resource groups. All our public classes are free or at cost, allowing for everyone to be able to learn how to help themselves, family or friends in an emergency. On behalf of the entire RRSAR Team, I thank you for your continued support!

Subaru of Las Vegas Pet Pick of the Week  –  Allan S

KXNT has been honored to have Subaru of Las Vegas sponsor our Pet Pick of the Week for the past year. We video our featured pet from their showroom and the support of Burton Hughes and his entire staff have made this a wonderful, welcoming and very genuine experience. We solicited Subaru of Las Vegas as our Pet Pick sponsor because of how impressed we were with their overwhelming support of almost every charitable effort throughout southern Nevada. Alan Stock, host of the Pet Pick says, “I have never worked with another business that has been more giving to the broader community than what I’ve seen come from Subaru of Las Vegas on a daily basis. They are a true community partner.” -Alan Stock

Subaru of Las Vegas is a true community partner  –  Misty M

Subaru of Las Vegas is a true community partner, and this is demonstrated by their organization’s actions throughout the community. This year Subaru of Las Vegas and 13 Connects were able to serve dozens of families at the 1st annual Live Well Heath Fair, helping uninsured or under insured valley residents get some of their critical health care needs met. In addition, the program helped get collaboration between several valley non-profits for Summer Rise, a program aimed at helping combat the summer learning loss that occurs in kids that are not actively engaged in learning over the summer months. The collective effort raised over 6,000 books for children in need. Their efforts even extended into the financial needs of so many valley residents, offering weeks’ worth of financial education both on-air and online and offered a resource guide to help people better manage their financial health. Finally, through Subaru’s support, 13 Connects is able to award numerous individual in the community who need help during the holiday months or who deserve a reward for great efforts throughout the year. The initiative is called 13 Days and Knights of Giving and is a collaboration with the VGK Foundation. KTNV-TV and Subaru of Las Vegas educate, inform and bring together the Las Vegas region to bet their community as a whole.

Academic Excellence Award  –  Robert B

Subaru of Las Vegas was the presenting sponsor for the 2018 - 2019 Academic Excellence Awards. The Las Vegas Review-Journal received over 400 nominations and hosted the 1st annual awards event on May 8, 2019 at JW Marriott and recognized one student in each grade level, 1st – 12th, from public, private, magnet and charter schools throughout the valley. These students are not only succeeding academically but are role models in their commitment and advancement through extra-curricular activities, citizenship and leadership. The winners were selected by a panel of noted independent judges, representing our education, business, and civic communities. Each winner received a $500 cash award and an additional $500 cash toward a school program of their choosing.

Subaru Loves Pets Blanket & Adoption Drive  –  Danielle H

On October 4, 2019 Subaru of Las Vegas hosted their 4th annual Take 5 to Care: Subaru Loves Pets Blanket & Adoption Drive. This was the first year City of Henderson Animal Care & Control was invited but I hope it won’t be our last. We were pleasantly surprised by how many wonderful Subaru employees, customers, and community members came out to make donations to the valley’s pets and adopt homeless animals. The City of Henderson brought dogs, kittens and even a rabbit to the event. Happily,five kittens, a dog and the rabbit were all adopted. Subaru also donated blankets, treats and other animal supplies to the shelter. Thank you Subaru of Las Vegas for caring about the animals in Southern Nevada!

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society  –  Katie D

On July 16th, 2019, the Southern Nevada chapter of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society along with Subaru of Las Vegas, had the pleasure of delivering blankets and craft kits to Summerlin Hospital and Medical Center as part of the Subaru Loves To Care program. Though it is quite hot outside, these blankets were a perfect fit in the cool air conditioning of the hospital. Not only did the blankets warm their outsides but the accompanying personalized messages of hope warmed the patients’ hearts.We met a variety of wonderful Southern Nevadans, both young and old, during our visit. One person in particular stood out. Esther Mason moved to Las Vegas from Huntington Beach, California 25 years ago to be closer to family. She loves spending time each day with one or more of her 13 grandchildren. In late 2017, Esther had horrible neck pain. She went to her primary care physician, a man she really was not crazy about but was on her insurance plan. He could not diagnose what was wrong. He simply referred her to specialist after specialist. The calendar year was ending and in January, she would be switching insurance plans and would have to get a new doctor because her current doctor did not accept her new insurance. Well Esther felt her prayers were answered. Her new doctor, Dr. John Hara, Esther refers to as ‘her angel.’ Esther was finally diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma on February 1st, 2018. Dr. Hara got her on the right path and under the correct treatment and if all goes well, this will be her final round of chemo. Esther truly feels her prayers were answered. LLS of Southern Nevada has proudly been distributing blankets and craft kits with Subaru of Las Vegas for three years now. We are grateful to partner with such a generous company that truly understands what community is all about. KATIE DALEY | Light The Night Campaign Manager

American Red Cross Blood Drive  –  Robert B

The American Red Cross is delighted to continue our partnership with Findlay Subaru of Las Vegas. This is the third year that we've worked together, running six blood drives and saving lives. We value this relationship highly, because it is a prime example of how businesses and non-profits can work together to help keep our community #vegasstronger. We look forward to working together for years to come!

First Responders Award  –  Robert B

Subaru of Las Vegas in partnership with iHeartMEDIA Las Vegas honors local first responders every month of the year! Each month iHeartMEDIA solicits nominations of local first responders who have made a difference in their lives and communities. They invite listeners to go online to each of their four stations websites to make the nominations. Then, from the hundreds of nominations they receive, they select an honoree each month for each station: Sunny 106.5, 95.5 The Bull, 93.1 The Mountain and REAL 103.9. Once the honorees are selected, the fun really begins! A time and date is set and the team from Subaru of Las Vegas joins the radio station on-air talent and crew as we go out to their workplace and honor them in person. We bring each honoree a Subaru “swag bag” and we get to honor them and their entire team! We are proud that we’ve been able to honor Southern Nevada first responders in law enforcement, fire & rescue, trauma and other hospital personnel and EMT’s along the way. It never gets old and we plan to continue to honor those who keep our communities safe and help us in times of dire need.

Discovery Children's Museum  –  Robert B

Where do I begin when I think of Subaru of Las Vegas and their commitment to children in our community? When we began our partnership with Subaru of Las Vegas a little over a year ago, we could not have envisioned a more perfect company to help us inspire a love of lifelong learning for children in the local community. Subaru Loves Learning really does sum it all up: It is our goal to make the pursuit of knowledge available to as many minds as possible. Here at DISCOVERY Children’s Museum, we couldn’t agree more! We believe that every child, no matter their background, should have the opportunity to dream big, have access to the best learning tools and most importantly have a safe haven where they can simply engage in play and be a kid. The Subaru Car Care Center inside the Eco-City Gallery of DISCOVERY Children’s Museum opened this past summer with roaring success. This exhibit is always a favorite with the children and families who visit each day, and has been especially beloved since the Subaru brand has formally taken over the space. The exhibit includes a made to scale Subaru Ascent, a touch screen monitor which shows off the various features of the car, the latest models, updates and information about the Subaru Love Promise. This exhibit is not only vibrant and beautiful to look at, but it also offers children the opportunity to learn about jobs in the automotive industry. There are so many pieces to the success of the Subaru brand and we want them to know it takes many different types of jobs to accomplish that level of success. Children have the opportunity to change a tire, honk the horn, test the battery and even get under the hood of the car. DISCOVERY Children’s Museum is most impressed with Subaru’s commitment to the environment and the way in which their brand teaches sustainability. This is often not a major selling point with vehicles, so to have a brand represented that is eco-friendly is such an honor for the Museum! In closing, the partnership which we have undertaken with Subaru of Las Vegas is nothing short of spectacular. Their staff is one in a million and has been such a joy to welcome into our Museum. Subaru of Las Vegas’ commitment to making our community the best it can be is unmatched. Most importantly, we are so grateful for the stand Subaru has taken with their dedication to serving children through education. This is by far one of the most perfect examples of how people working together can change the world. Caitlin Shea Director of Development DISCOVERY Children’s Museum

Salute our Troops  –  Robert B

In partnership with Sinclair Broadcasting’s NEWS3, CW Las Vegas and MyLV TV, along with the Folded Flag Foundation, Subaru of Las Vegas is honored to recognize active and retired members of our armed forces in Southern Nevada with Salute Our Troops. Subaru of Las Vegas has honored 24 nominated members of our armed forces every month since the inception of the program in October 2017. Subaru of Las Vegas knows it is important to remind our local community of all the hard work that these people do for our community and our country while living here in Southern Nevada. We are all honored to have these recipients along with all other active duty and retired members of our nations armed forces and their families living and working among us in Southern Nevada and making our community that much better.

CCSD's Title I HOPE Program  –  Andrea K

Dear Subaru of Las Vegas Employees, Title I HOPE is thrilled to be the recipient of the donations raised during the Subaru Love for Learning Event over Labor Day weekend this year. As of September 10, 2019, over 9,000 students in the Clark County School District have been identified as experiencing homelessness and in need of assistance. It is the mission of the Title I HOPE Program to remove barriers for homeless students to enroll in school and educate school personnel, parents, and unaccompanied youth of the educational options under the McKinney-Vento federal law but this program does so much more for students within the Clark County School District that find themselves in homeless situations. Through grant funding, Title I HOPE is able to assist families and students by providing school supplies, toiletries, emergency clothing and food, assistance with transportation, if and when it is appropriate, school uniforms, as well as opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities like sports and other clubs that require payment for participation. The staff at Title I HOPE ensure that students experiencing homelessness receive the same opportunities that any other student would be afforded. This includes our most vulnerable students residing in local shelters or students that find themselves unaccompanied by an adult and homeless, out on their own. As a result of the monetary donation of $6,000.00 from Subaru of Las Vegas, Title I HOPE gains the flexibility to ensure CCSD students experiencing homelessness have access to needed items such as wrestling and soccer shoes. We can also supply more high school seniors transitioning into college with necessary food and supplies such as laundry detergent, toiletries, and bedding as they begin their journey toward earning a college degree. On behalf of the Title I HOPE Staff, and CCSD students you help support, thank you for your kindness and generosity. Sincerely, Meg Pike & Kelly-Jo Shebeck, Coordinator Title I Hope

Subaru of Las Vegas Holiday Blood Drive  –  Taylor B

July 5th, 2018 Subaru of Las Vegas and FOX 5’s Take 5 to Care Team teamed up for our annual FOX 5 Holiday Blood Drive with the American Red Cross at the Silverton’s Veil Pavilion. With a record-breaking 142 donations and units collected, we were able to save lives today because of your generous contribution. Thank you Las Vegas for all you do for our community and helping give back in ways that some may not be able to.

Subaru of Las Vegas with Camp Cartwheel  –  Taylor B

Each summer since 1996, critically ill children and their siblings, ages 5 to 17, look forward to Camp Cartwheel where they enjoy swimming, hiking, arts & crafts, canoeing, scuba, outdoor games, rock wall climbing and more! This year marked Subaru of Las Vegas’s 4th year volunteering, where we were able to do a little something special for the campers. We provided beach balls, bubble wands, footballs and a $500 gift card for their store to go and restock their shelves with toys for the kids to choose from to take home. Over the years Camp Cartwheel has grown immensely and now offers two camps to meet the needs of critically ill children in the Southern Nevada area. With over 100 children in each session, campers and volunteers come together to create life-long memories and friendships. Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation (NCCF) Camp Cartwheel at Torino Ranch is an outdoor three-night camp experience designed to help children with cancer or other critical illnesses as well as their siblings overcome the physical, mental and emotional obstacles posed by childhood disease. Camp Cartwheel at Torino Ranch provides a relief from the stress of hospitals and the trauma of fighting disease. For patients, it’s a time to have fun with their brothers and sisters and remember what it feels like to be a kid again. This is one of our favorite events of the year and we are counting down the days till next year’s camp. Thank you NCCF for all you do for our little heroes.

Subaru of Las Vegas Loves to Care with LLS  –  Katie D

What does Subaru of Las Vegas do to positively impact Southern Nevada? An easier question to ask the 2018 winner of the Customer & Community Commitment award would be what don’t they do? Throughout the year, Subaru of Las Vegas stays true to the Subaru Loves to Care promise and it was proven again this summer. On August 8, 2018 Taylor Borjesson of Subaru Public Relations and Subaru product specialists, Jen and Coco, joined the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) of Southern Nevada’s Light The Night staffers Katie Daley and Jill Sarcletti to share the love with pediatric patients at Sunrise Children’s Hospital. They were able to visit 20 young patients that day. This group of young warriors hailed from all walks of life and were valiantly fighting an array of battles. One young brother and sister team stood out among the patients and proved just how powerful love can be. In one young man’s room, curled up in a chair next to him, was his teen-aged sister. She was keeping him company while their mom and dad were at work. School was to start in one week and his sister had spent most of her summer break comforting and supporting him through this difficult time. Her goal? Driving him to his first day of school on August 13th. Even though the temperature outside was well over 100 degrees, it was quite chilly inside. As the young man was given a blanket by Subaru, his sister thanked everyone profusely and noted how cold the hospital was kept. She was given a blanket as well, which she initially refused saying that they should go to the other patients. But after much insistence from the folks at Subaru and LLS, she took the blanket. She again thanked everyone, climbed up into her brother’s bed and under the two blankets, they both fell asleep.Thank you, Subaru of Las Vegas, for bringing warmth and comfort to those who need it.

Subaru Loves to Care with LLS  –  Katie D

What does Subaru of Las Vegas do to positively impact Southern Nevada? An easier question to ask the 2018 winner of the Customer & Community Commitment award would be what don’t they do? Throughout the year, Subaru of Las Vegas stays true to the Subaru Loves to Care promise and it was proven again this summer. On August 8, 2018, Taylor Borjesson of Subaru of Las Vegas Public Relations and Subaru product specialists, Jen and Coco, joined the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) of Southern Nevada’s Light The Night staffers Katie Daley and Jill Sarcletti to share the love with pediatric patients at Sunrise Children’s Hospital. They were able to visit 20 young patients that day. This group of young warriors hailed from all walks of life and were valiantly fighting an array of battles. One young brother and sister team stood out among the patients and proved just how powerful love can be. In one young man’s room, curled up in a chair next to him, was his teen-aged sister. She was keeping him company while their mom and dad were at work. The school was to start in one week and his sister had spent most of her summer break comforting and supporting him through this difficult time. Her goal? Driving him to his first day of school on August 13th. Even though the temperature outside was well over 100 degrees, it was quite chilly inside. As the young man was given a blanket by Subaru, his sister thanked everyone profusely and noted how cold the hospital was kept. She was given a blanket as well, which she initially refused saying that they should go to the other patients. But after much insistence from the folks at Subaru and LLS, she took the blanket. She again thanked everyone, climbed up into her brother’s bed and under the two blankets, they both fell asleep. Thank you, Subaru of Las Vegas, for bringing warmth and comfort to those who need it.

Camp Cartwheel 2018  –  Taylor B

Each summer since 1996, critically ill children and their siblings, ages 5 to 17, look forward to Camp Cartwheel where they enjoy swimming, hiking, arts & crafts, canoeing, scuba, outdoor games, rock wall climbing and more! This year marked Subaru of Las Vegas’s 4th year volunteering, where we were able to do a little something special for the campers. We provided beach balls, bubble wands, footballs and a $500 gift card for their store to go and restock their shelves with toys for the kids to choose from to take home. Over the years Camp Cartwheel has grown immensely and now offers two camps to meet the needs of critically ill children in the Southern Nevada area. With over 100 children in each session, campers and volunteers come together to create life-long memories and friendships. Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation (NCCF) Camp Cartwheel at Torino Ranch is an outdoor three-night camp experience designed to help children with cancer or other critical illnesses as well as their siblings overcome the physical, mental and emotional obstacles posed by childhood disease. Camp Cartwheel at Torino Ranch provides a relief from the stress of hospitals and the trauma of fighting disease. For patients, it’s a time to have fun with their brothers and sisters and remember what it feels like to be a kid again. This is one of our favorite events of the year and we are counting down the days till next year’s camp. Thank you NCCF for all you do for our little heroes.

Subaru Loves to Help  –  Taylor B

July 5th, 2018 Subaru of Las Vegas and FOX 5’s Take 5 to Care Team teamed up for our annual FOX 5 Holiday Blood Drive with the American Red Cross at the Silverton’s Veil Pavilion. With a record-breaking 142 donations and units collected, we were able to save lives today because of your generous contribution. Thank you Las Vegas for all you do for our community and helping give back in ways that some may not be able to.

National Rebuilding Together Day  –  Taylor B

On April 29th Subaru of Las Vegas received the opportunity to participate in Rebuilding Together Southern Nevada (RTSNV) for our third year. RTSNV was founded in 1994 and is the local affiliate of the national nonprofit organization, Rebuilding Together, focused on safe and healthy housing. RTSNV serves to transform the lives of low-income homeowners by rehabilitating existing homes to improve their overall health and safety with no cost to the owners. With more than 1,200 community partners and volunteers, RTSNV has renovated more than 7,500 homes, impacting the lives of more than 14,000 Southern Nevadans. We were able to turn this house into a home again by helping with exterior painting, xeriscaping, property clean up, small exterior repairs and debris removal. National Rebuilding Day isn’t just about repairing homes, it’s about transforming lives and we cannot wait for next year’s home transformation.

Subaru Loves to Help  –  Taylor B

Saturday April 28th Subaru of Las Vegas was able to sponsor the 2018 A-Games for the second year in a row! The A-games is an event hosted this year by Zappos, for kids and their families with autism. Kids of all ages got to compete in different categories ranging from skills events, obstacle courses, rock wall challenge, bike races, and scooter and skateboard races! Thanks to everyone who entered and donated to the silent auction FEAT of Southern Nevada was able to raise $20,000 to help with FEAT programs. This event along with many others is one of the ways Subaru is able to give back to our community while exceed our Subaru Love Promise, the A-Games fell under our Subaru loves to help initiative and we wouldn’t want it any other way. Thank you FEAT of Southern Nevada for all you do.

Sibling Day 2018  –  Taylor B

On Saturday April 7th, 2018 Subaru of Las Vegas was able to sponsor Sibling Day a nonprofit event benefiting St. Jude’s Ranch for Children. Our Las Vegas community enjoyed a free, family festival at Tivoli Village Las Vegas to support St. Jude National Sibling Day; which included foster siblings reuniting, enjoying entertainment, games, food & the farmers market.

Subaru of Las Vegas Loves to Care  –  Taylor B

Subaru of Las Vegas had the opportunity to sponsor an amazing event for a very worthy cause. On February 10th, 2018 The American Cancer Society hosted their inaugural event Construction vs. Cancer. More than 500 VIPs (children fighting cancer), as well as 1450 guests, enjoyed activities that we helped present to our community. Activites ranged from, local performers, to face painting, dunk tanks, and even special visits from the Avengers and Tinker Bell! Kids were able to "dig out" their cancer and take control while driving supervised Bobcats. The American Cancer Society raised $285,000 net for pediatric cancer patients locally and a vital pediatric cancer research program, immunotherapy. This is just one of the many ways Subaru of Las Vegas is able to give back to our community while maintaining our Subaru Love Promise. This was our first event for 2018 and a great way to kick-start our Share the Love year!

Subaru Loves the Earth  –  Sharon C

On November 18th, over 700 cars participated in the 13th Nevada Public Radio Recycling Day. The event successfully provided a place for the community to safely dispose of confidential materials, recycle unwanted electronics, clean out spaces and make use of large-volume commingled recycle drop-offs, as well as sharing their gently used items with others and keep unused medication out of the hands of our youth and water supply. Breakdown of cars at each location: Republic Services– 205, Blind Center of Nevada – 443, Goodwill of Southern Nevada – 198, Shred-it – 433, CARE Coalition – 193. Total cars – 706.Presenting sponsor Subaru of Las Vegas helped us make the station and parking lot look ready to welcome the community with beautiful, brightly colored flags and directional signage. This year’s model Subaru’s got more than a passing glance with several cars stopping to get out and take a closer look.We are deeply honored that you continue to partner with us as we work cooperatively on our shared interest of keeping Southern Nevada green and focused on recognizing the role we all play together in making this place we call home better for everyone – whether that’s by sharing our abundance with others, protecting our confidential information – or just by keeping the community a little greener. -KNPR

Subaru of Las Vegas Shares the Love  –  Taylor B

This year Subaru of Las Vegas kicked off our 10th annual Subaru Share the Love Event at the Grand Reveal of our new facility. Several local and national charity partners were present to celebrate. Charity partners include Safe Nest, Nevada Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the Animal Foundation and Meals on Wheels America (Catholic Charities), and Red Rock Search and Rescue. Representing the National Park Foundation was the local staff of the Lake Mead National Park Service.Over the years, Subaru of Las Vegas has been a strong supporter of many local nonprofits. We are honored to have our local chapters at our grand reveal to represent and spread the word on how our local communities can get involved.

Subaru Loves to Care with Sunrise Hospital  –  Robert S

On July 7, 2017 it was a scorching 118 degrees in Las Vegas, yet the team from Subaru of Las Vegas braved the excessive heat warnings, delivering gifts and messages of hope to the patients and families at Sunrise Children's Hospital. Leadership representatives from Subaru of Las Vegas, including Subaru Love Promise Ambassador Taylor Borjesson, were in attendance as the Subaru of Las Vegas Love Promise vehicle arrived with over 80 high-quality blankets and over a dozen arts and crafts kits. Upon arrival, Taylor said, "We're thrilled to be here, spreading awareness about The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and dropping these little gifts off to our local patients and their families." In a sea of expressions of gratitude, there were two particularly memorable moments. After putting on her gown and mask, Taylor was able to visit and share Subaru’s well wishes, sunglasses, a craft kit, and bracelet with a pediatric patient who was on medical isolation….bringing some much-needed cheer and interaction. Then Marley, a 3-year old leukemia patient asked Taylor to assist her in making a snake from the play-doh she discovered when opening her craft kit immediately upon receipt, and as she had the entire time….Taylor went above and beyond. The entire Subaru of Las Vegas Team was remarkable, and The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Southern Nevada looks forward to additional partnership opportunities in the future that will benefit more Las Vegas patients and their families.

Red Rock Search and rescue  –  Anthony P

Through the enormous generosity of Subaru of Las Vegas and their commitment to Share the Love, Red Rock Search and Rescue has been able to expand its outreach into the community in several significant ways. First, it provides a way for critical equipment to be purchased that allows for faster response times, enhanced communications and up-to-date training. Second, it represents essential support for more than 30,000 volunteer hours each year dedicated to helping families find missing loved ones. And finally, Subaru’s faith in the mission of Red Rock Search and Rescue provides much-needed preparedness preparation, awareness, support, and prevention training for the hundreds of people who are directly impacted each year by what we do. Their shared love makes it possible for us to do what we do. Anthony Peterson RR441 Deputy Chief Red Rock Search and Rescue Anthony Peterson RR441 Deputy Chief Red Rock Search and Rescue

KNPR Recycling Day; Subaru loves the earth  –  Ashley S

For the last 10 years, Nevada Public Radio has been host to various Recycle Day events, held at our station on the CSN Charleston Campus. We partner with shredding, pill take back, recycling, and donation services to provide a free recycling event for the community. With sponsors like Subaru, it helps us continue to provide this service to our listeners/readers. With our numbers of participants growing from 300+ vehicles passing through with 27,000 pounds worth of recycling collected, to 900+ vehicles coming by the campus with over 57,000 pounds of recycling collected, these events are very well received and an integral part of helping the green initiative in Southern Nevada. -Ashley Smith

Share the Love 2017 Events at Subaru of Las Vegas  –  Lauren P

Subaru of Las Vegas had a great 2017 Share the Love season! Our Hometown Charity partners are Red Rock Search and Rescue, and Safe Nest. Red Rock is a 100% all-volunteer search and rescue team based in Las Vegas, serving all Southern Nevada and Utah. Safe Nest is Nevada’s largest and most comprehensive charity devoted solely to domestic violence issues. Safe Nest's programs include 24-hour confidential shelter, 24-hour hotline and protection order services, counseling, advocacy, court assistance, and prevention education. Safe Nest had a gallery art showing within the dealership with artwork created by the children that have benefitted from their services. The art was displayed for the duration of the Share the Love event November 17th - Jan 3rd. Red Rock Search and Rescue visited the dealership on Saturday Dec 3rd with their search and rescue equipment. Subaru of Las Vegas customers could enter their mobile command center, and learn more about how they help the community.

Subaru of LV helps collect 2,546 backpacks  –  Becky W

On behalf of everyone here at The Salvation Army serving Southern Nevada, thanks to Subaru of Las Vegas for your recent support through the Fox5 "Take5toCare" program for the SOS (Supply Our Students) school supply drive supporting Clark County School District (CCSD) students. Your support truly makes a difference in the lives of the people we serve. Your donation makes it possible to reach out to those families that are struggling: those that are in need of assistance in ensuring the success of their children. Through the support of Subaru of Las Vegas, 2546 students are receiving backpacks to start them off for a successful school year. In addition, 54 CCSD schools that have 50 percent or more students on free and reduced lunches are also being helped with supplies from the drive. I can't imagine a better way for your support to impact our community's students. Please dont hesitate to call if you'd like to schedule a tour or have any questions about your impactful support, The Salvation Army continues " Doing the Most Good " here in Southern Nevada.

Subaru of LV to the rescue!  –  Julie B

Special thanks to Subaru of Las Vegas for their support of the American Red Cross and Fox5 Las Vegas, Take5toCare Blood Drive held July 2015. Subaru of Las Vegas provided rides for blood donors to and from their cars after donating blood at this blood drive. They took great care to ensure the blood donors were treated with extra TLC after all these donors had just taken time out of the busy day and were helping to save lives! Thanks Subaru of Las Vegas!

Subaru of Las Vegas Supports Meals on Wheels  –  Leslie C

We are so thankful to Subaru of Las Vegas for helping our Meals On Wheels kitchen staff prepare and package more than 1,480 meals in preparation for delivery. Catholic Charities' Meals On Wheels Program cooks from scratch, packages, flash freezes and delivers nutritious meals to more than 1,400 homebound seniors in our valley. The Meals On Wheels service not only delivers a basic necessity to homebound isolated individuals, but it is also a lifeline for the wellbeing and independence of our clients. The collaboration between Subaru of Las Vegas and our team was crucial in accomplishing this feat. Thank you for your help Subaru of Las Vegas and we look forward to working with you in the future! Highlight and right click the following link to see our team in action:

Recycling is the way of future  –  Sharon C

This is the 3rd year that Subaru of Las Vegas has partnered with Nevada Public Radio for the collection of recyclable materials, and we are proud to continue as the Presenting Sponsor of this semi-annual event for the benefit of the Greater Las Vegas area. On April 25th 2015, more than 520 cars braved the wind and cold to participate in the NV Recycling Day which became the weekend destination for many local Spring Cleaners. The event successfully provided a place for the LV community to safely dispose of confidential materials, clean out spaces by making use of large-volume commingled recycle bins and donate their gently used items for others to continue enjoying. As e-waste is a growing problem in this electronic generation, Subaru of LV also situated large collection boxes inside the dealership showroom to collect unwanted computers, TVs, cell phones, and more. Many of our customers and employees contributed their e-waste, and thanks to our social media campaign and word of mouth by our active and environmentally-responsible Subaru owners, the large collection boxes were quickly filled with recyclable electronics. At the end of the day, this campaign engaged many people who wanted to clean out their garages and partner in helping our planet Earth. We are honored to have partnered with our community and customers to make the recycling event a glowing success. Together, we will keep our community greener and make our homes and businesses a better place to live.

Subaru of Las Vegas Supports Red Rock Search and Rescue's Mission  –  Donald M

Red Rock Search and Rescue was formed, and operates as a 100% volunteer team of professionals, with a mission to locate and rescue those who lose their way in the deserts of Southern Nevada. As Subaru of Las Vegas' Share the Love 2013 local charity selection, RRSAR connected with Subaru owners, who helped raise enough money to cover six months worth of operating costs. Taking a load off of the minds of RRSAR, they are able to fully focus on their mission, and those who need their help.

Subaru of Las Vegas teams up with Nevada Public Radio in recycling drive  –  Sharon C

Nevada Public Radio, in conjunction with Subaru of Las Vegas helped to keep three truckloads of old electronics out of local landfills. Another 40 cubic feet of recyclables were collected. As were 5,506 pounds of donated clothing, which went to Goodwill. This was in May, and was the biggest collection yet! In November, 2014 Subaru of Las Vegas and KNPR will be teaming up again, to keep more items from clogging up our landfills!