Subaru Oil Change Services, Las Vegas

Subaru Oil Change Services, Las Vegas

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The oil in your Subaru's engine is its lifeblood. You undoubtedly know that it needs to be changed often but few people know why, and what the oil in your car actually does. The folks at Subaru of Las Vegas are automotive experts and they have answers to these questions. Not only can they explain the benefits of frequent oil changes, they have an Express Lube Service to make it easy for their customers to keep their engine oil changed and car serviced. Here are a few common questions.

What does engine oil actually do?

You undoubtedly know that engines are filled with lots of moving metal parts that slide against each other. And you probably know that the oil in the engine lubricates these parts. It is a critical function that your engine oil performs, without it your engine would run less than a minute and then seize up solid.

Besides lubrication, the other function of engine oil is to function as a coolant. Some parts of the engine, like the cylinder walls, for example, get very hot and the engine oil absorbs that heat and distributes it to cooler areas. Some cars even have oil coolers which act like little radiators to keep engine oil cool.

How often should it be changed?

The standard oil change interval has been "every 3000 miles" for decades. Today's oils are much better than they were years ago, though, so many intervals are longer now. According to Subaru, the recommended interval for is now every 6000 miles for most models, however, it should be pointed out that this is a maximum mileage. Most dealerships will recommend more frequent oil change intervals to make customers engines last as long as possible.

What if I don't have time to drop my car off for just an oil change?

Subaru of Las Vegas knows that their customers are busy people and that's why they have their Express Lube Service. When you visit their Express Lube Service, the following procedures will be performed, all within approximately 1.5 hours or less.
  • A complete oil change and new oil filter installed
  • A multi-point inspection (brakes, tire tread, tire pressure, steering, suspension, shocks, struts, drive belt, fluid, engine air filter, cabin air filter, wipers, and more)
  • A complimentary car wash

How do I make a reservation?

The best part is that you don't need one! To make use of the Express Lube Service at Subaru of Las Vegas, simply show up during standard business hours

Get your oil changed at Subaru of Las Vegas

If you need an oil change in the Las Vegas area, come on down to the Express Lube Service at Subaru of Las Vegas. While you car's oil and filter is being changed, you are invited to relax in their waiting room. Free coffee and tea is available as well as complementary Wi-Fi access.

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