What is Subaru Solterra Connect?

The front cockpit and 12.3-inch touchscreen in the dash of the 2024 Subaru Solterra electric SUV.

At Subaru of Las Vegas, we’re excited to introduce the Subaru Solterra Connect — a suite of features designed to elevate your driving experience with unmatched convenience, support and safety. With perks like Automatic Collision Notification and Enhanced Roadside Assistance, you’ll always have peace of mind knowing help is just a touch away.

Plus, our extensive array of remote services allows you to start your Solterra, monitor its health and stay informed about its vital systems, all from the comfort of your location. With Subaru Solterra Connect, the capabilities of your Solterra go far beyond expectations, ensuring every journey is safer and more connected. Meet with the professionals at our Las Vegas Subaru dealer for all the information you need regarding Solterra Connect capabilities.

A person using the remote unlock feature on the Solterra Connect smartphone app.

What Are the Solterra Connect Features?

Solterra Connect is your gateway to a variety of incredible benefits on and off the road. The collection of exciting Subaru Solterra Connect features include:

  • Enhanced Roadside Assistance: Simply press the SOS button in your Solterra for non-emergency roadside assistance, and help will be dispatched directly to your vehicle’s GPS location.
  • Remote Start: Remotely start your Solterra and adjust its climate settings from the convenience of the Solterra Connect app on your smartphone.
  • Vehicle Health Report: Access real-time reports to stay informed about any issues with your Solterra that require your attention.
  • Cloud Navigation: Your Solterra multimedia system combines maps, personalization and Intelligent Assistant. Use voice commands or the touchscreen to find directions, points of interest, or local businesses. Get real-time route details, turn-by-turn guidance, alternate routes and live traffic updates.
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot with Integrated Streaming: Your Solterra features a robust Wi-Fi hotspot enabling passengers to stream their favorite content on up to five devices. You can also link your existing Apple Music or Amazon Music account directly to your vehicle for an integrated streaming experience, no smartphone required.
  • Digital Key: With Digital Key, you can unlock, lock, start and stop your Solterra effortlessly using the Solterra Connect app.

What Are the Solterra Connect Packages?

The Subaru Solterra Connect packages require registration and subscription (once the trial period ends). Reach out to our staff to learn more about Premium, Limited and Touring trial levelsand pricing for each package. The Solterra Connected packages include:

Two women face each other in a Subaru Solterra while one uses Intelligent Assistant voice commands.

    Safety Connect – Package Includes:

    • Automatic Collision Notification
    • Emergency Assistance Button
    • Enhanced Roadside Assistance
    • Stolen Vehicle Locator

    Remote Connect – Package Includes:

    • Guest Driver
    • Vehicle Status
    • Last Parked Location
    • Unlock/Lock
    • Remote Start
    • Climate Settings
    • Charge Management
    • Charging Station Locator
    • Digital Key

    Remote Connect – Digital Key:

    • With Digital Key, you can unlock, lock, start and stop your Solterra effortlessly using the Solterra Connect app.

    Service Connect – Package Includes:

    • Vehicle Health Report

    Drive Connect – Package Includes:

    • Cloud Navigation
    • Intelligent Assistant
    • Destination Assistant

    Wi-Fi Connect:

    • Wi-Fi Hotspot: Your Solterra includes a powerful Wi-Fi hotspot, enabling your passengers to stream their favorite content on up to 10 devices.
    • Integrated Streaming: Easily link your existing Apple Music or Amazon Music account to your Solterra for seamless streaming without the need to connect your smartphone.

Subaru Solterra Connect FAQs

How do I subscribe to Solterra Connect?

To activate all Solterra Connect services, simply download the Solterra Connect app, pair your smartphone with your Solterra from inside the vehicle, create a user profile and complete the registration process. For phone compatibility information, please check the app store applicable to your device.

How can I opt out of Solterra Connect?

Solterra Connect is an opt-out service, with certain system functions automatically enabled by default. If you wish to opt out of all Connected Services, you can do so via the Solterra Connect App, by pressing the in-vehicle SOS button, or by contacting a Solterra Connect Customer Care Advisor at (866) 384-3574.

How much does Solterra Connect cost?

The Solterra Connect price varies by package and level of service. For more details on the cost of Solterra Connect, contact Subaru of Las Vegas today.

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