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Subaru Tire Services Las Vegas

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An important part of car ownership is knowing that there are certain parts of every car that need periodic maintenance and this always applies to a car's tires. Unfortunately, the tires on most cars and trucks get little attention until they are really low on air, or fail to pass inspection. This is a shame because with some TLC, tires can last thousands of miles longer than those that receive no attention. Let's take a look at the maintenance issues that you should keep in mind to make your car's tires deliver thousands of miles of additional use, and do so safely.

The number one issue is underinflation!

You know that tires deflate over time but did you know that up to 25% of the tires on the road today are substantially underinflated? A tire that is not fully inflated to the manufacturer's specification will not only deliver less fuel mileage but can cause undue stress on the tire structure causing premature wear.

In order to keep tires inflated properly, it is recommended that they should be checked once a month. You probably know that adding air to tires is easy done at most gas stations and convenience stores. If you are uncomfortable with this procedure, however, certainly stop by the Subaru of Las Vegas Express Service Lane. They will be glad to help and no appointment is needed!

How often should I have my tires rotated?

As you drive, your tires wear out, and they rarely do so evenly. By having your tires moved, or "rotated", from one axle to another, you can even out that wear so they last longer. The folks at Subaru of Las Vegas recommend that you have the tires on your Subaru rotated every 7500 miles, or 7.5 months, whichever comes first.

What about full wheel alignments on my Subaru?

You should align the wheels on your vehicle periodically. The manufacturer of your vehicle will have a recommended schedule for this. The reason for this is that normal driving subjects your vehicle to lots of stresses and strains (think potholes) and this can cause the relative alignment of your suspension to shift out of spec. The solution is to visit a tire service specialist, such as Subaru of Las Vegas and have one of their alignment specialists take a look.

Expert tire service in Las Vegas

Paying attention to the condition of your tires will help protect your auto investment and maintain your vehicle's safety. The folks at Subaru of Las Vegas are experts in all facets of tire maintenance and vehicle alignment.  Keep your vehicle in top performance and safety with our team. Feel free to schedule an appointment for them to have a look at your vehicle at your convenience.

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