Sell Your Car

Have a Car to Sell? Just share photos of your car and details to sell.
Subaru of Las Vegas wants to buy your car! In an effort to acquire the best possible previously owned cars, trucks and SUVs for our customers, we are looking to you. We don’t want to go to the auction, and buy cars, as we can’t know anything about the cars.

If you have a vehicle you would like to sell, call Subaru of Las Vegas! Scott Mccoy, our Vehicle Acquisition Associate, will work with you to get a good, market value-based offer to purchase your car.

Being that we are a dealership, when we make an offer to purchase, you can know, without a doubt, that we will not have to wait for “our next payday” to buy your car. We make every effort to give top dollar for your car, and have been known to regularly beat another company’s purchase prices!

Do you currently own a Subaru? Is it within the last 6 model years? Alex is also our Guaranteed Trade-In Program (GTP) representative. With Subaru’s GTP program, we can offer the best value for your previously owned Subaru.

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