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Quite a bit of research went into the design of the Subaru Outback so that you can drive a vehicle that offers the space you need as well as the technology and safety features that you know and love from Subaru. Although the overall design is similar to what you've likely seen in previous years, there are a few upgrades that make the new Outback stand out from the competition. When you look at the Outback, you'll notice more gray detailing on the exterior to give it a neutral appearance and vertical designs for the fog lamps and headlights for a sleeker stance. 

Why an Outback

The rugged design and capabilities of the Subaru Outback make it a vehicle that you'll enjoy driving when you need to run errands or when you want to explore the countryside on hilly terrain.

Safety features in the Outback include forward collision warning, lane departure warning, and a camera so that you can view the area behind you with ease.

Changes that have been made to the Outback have been done in a way so that they are beneficial for you as the driver or as the passenger. They provide more comfort when you're traveling long distances and safety so that the risk of accidents is decreased.

If you enjoy driving in the snow or other types of weather conditions, you'll enjoy the all-wheel-drive that the Outback offers. There are over eight inches of ground clearance to make navigating hills a bit easier.

The 2.4-liter engine is beneficial as well as it delivers the power and efficiency that you need for traveling on highways as well as the capability you need when getting up and down hills. The continuously variable transmission also delivers smooth shifting, making it easier to get from lower gears to those that are higher when they are needed without manually shifting.

The Subaru Outback is a well-rounded, efficient and robust crossover SUV at a price you can get behind. Come to Subaru of Las Vegas today and give one a test drive.

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